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Worthington Publishing Gettysburg 1863 on Kickstarter

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Volume IV: Gettysburg 1863 now available for a limited time on Kickstarter!

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Gettysburg 1863  is now available on Kickstarter until June 3. The game is as epic as the battle.  With new counter art, new additional rules added to an already great game system, and our largest map to date (to accommodate the large 3/4″ counters),
Don’t miss out on the launch special price of just $79 (MSRP – $120).
GETTYSBURG 1863 uses the largest mounted game board Worthington/Old School Wargames has ever made.  The reason this is the largest game board we ever created is because we wanted to use large thick counters with large hexes- 3/4″ thick counters with large hexes – which at this scale creates the need for a large game board.Scale:  Each hex equals 200-220 yds per hex with 35′ – 40′ elevation changes.  Each strength point equals 100 men per strength point or 1 to 3 cannons per strength point.  Each turn equals 1 hour.


GETTYSBURG 1863 is Volume IV in the Old School Wargames Civil War Brigade Battle series (Vol. I – Antietam, Vol. II – Shiloh, Vol. III – Seven Days).  Gamers get to refight the historic and pivotal battle of Gettysburg in 1863 using a large mounted map board, large pieces, and a streamlined set of series rules that is just 8 -12 pages long.  The Battle Booklet will give you historical details, design, notes and 6 scenarios:


  • July 1 – Meeting Engagement
  • July 1 – Take That Hill (Can Ewell take Culp’s Hill?) (one map)
  • July 2 – The Fight for the Flanks
  • July 2 – The Fight for Little Round Top (one map)
  • July 3 – Lee’s Folly
  • July 1 – July 4 (the full battle with an optional July 4th day for gamers)


The single day scenarios should take between 1 to 3 hours to play with the full battle taking 6 – 10 hours to play.

Special rules for early or late arrival of reinforcements, follow up attacks, new terrain rules for multi level hex changes, a new rout rule, and more!

We have a Kickstarter exclusive of two 11″ x 17″ command tree displays (one Union and one Confederate).  These will not be available after the Kickstarter.

Stretch goals of inside box printing and a box sleeve sweeten the deal even more!

We are also offering special bundle deals for Antietam, Shiloh and Seven Days with USA shipping when purchased with Gettysburg.  USA backers of these bundles will receive their orders (except Gettysburg) within three weeks of the campaign end.

Gettysburg 1863 is easily playable by teams of 3 or more with each player taking command of a corps in either the Union or Confederate armies.

USA shipping on all packages is just $15 which includes the early shipment of Antietam, Shiloh, and/or Seven Days.


  • Large sturdy game box

  • Two hard mounted 34″ x 22″ game boards (combined to make 34″ x 44″ battlefield)

  • Five counter sheets with 3/4″ counters

  • Two double sided player Aids

  • Two 10 sided dice

  • Two sets of Series Game Rules

  • Two Battle Booklet with scenarios, historical commentary, and design notes

  • Counter tray


Thanks and happy gaming!

Worthington Publishing

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