February 2024 Update

We hope all of you are well and enjoying some winter game time!


Rommel’s War will begin shipping to customers next week (February 5 – 9).
Gettysburg 1863 is currently on the boat and should be here in March.

Leaving Port to Us on February 7:

Crisis 1914
Lands of the Mesozoic
Big Time Hockey
Big Time Boxing
Pacific War 1942 Travel Game
War of 1812 Travel Game
World War II Pocket Chess


Launching Saturday February 17 at 9 am eastern will be

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Box Cover

Louisbourg 1758 is a two player game on the campaign to take the fortress. One side commands the British while the other commands the French.  The object of the game for the British player is to occupy the fortress of Louisbourg with their army or occupy Louisbourg harbor with their ships.   The French goal is to prevent the British from achieving their objectives by the end of the game.
Sample of Game Map

Andy Loakes and Yves Roig.

Based on the Charles S. Roberts award winning Chancellorsville 1863 game by Maurice Suckling.  Battle of Gettysburg is a card driven game.  The game uses wooden pieces to represent Union Corps and Confederate Divisions.  The game will use a cohesion system to track strength, fatigue and morale during the battle.  The map uses point to point movement on key areas of the battlefield.

Prototype Gettysburg Map

Franklin 1864

  Volume V in the Civil War Brigade Battle Series takes you to Tennessee to refight the Battles of Spring Hill and Franklin in November 1864.

Franklin Map

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