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Coral Sea Solitaire places you in command of American carriers in the Pacific in May 1942 against an opposing Japanese autonomous player side, referred to as the BOT side. The object of the game for the American player is to earn the victory points of the mission goal BEFORE the Japanese invasion convoy reaches Port Moresby.

You lead the aircraft carriers Lexington and Yorktown as they sortie into the Coral Sea to stop the Japanese invasion that threatens Australia. You must contend with 3 Japanese carriers roaming the Coral Sea determined to finish off the US Navy.

The Bookgame contains 4 game sets, and each game set is against a different Japanese carrier strategy. There are 5 distinct missions within each game set for you to win and defeat the Japanese.

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The color version has 48 pages with 20 total plays in glorious color.

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In the Midnight Edition there are 108 pages with 50 game plays in black and white!
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You will need to provide two 6-sided dice to play the game.

Coral Sea Solitaire can also be played cooperatively. For example, one player commands the Lexington, and the other commands the Yorktown.

The naval battle of Coral Sea in May of 1942 was the first carrier battle in naval history. Combat occurred with planes from aircraft carriers for the opposing sides. The involved ships never sighted each other.

At the time of the battle, the Americans were still reeling from Pearl Harbor and Japanese naval control of the Pacific. A Japanese invasion convoy steamed to Port Moresby to expand its control closer to Australia. The Japanese had 3 aircraft carriers against 2 for the Americans. The Japanese would sink the Lexington and damage the Yorktown, while the Americans would sink the Shoho and damage the Shokaku.

The battle was considered a tactical draw, but the Japanese were surprised by their losses and the American tenacity. As a result, the Japanese invasion convoy to Port Moresby was recalled, the first of the war to be stopped and a huge strategic victory for the Americans.

Now you are in command, and the decisions are yours…

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