October 2023 Update

Kickstarter Projects, Shipping News, Previews of Upcoming Games from Worthington Publishing / Old School Wargames / Pungo Games

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Just 4 days until Lands of the Mesozoic ends on Kickstarter this Saturday October 7 at 4pm.

Kickstarter backers will receive an Exclusive Card Set that will only be available to them.
International backers will receive low flat rate pricing for up to 6 games that includes customs and taxes for most backers.

Lands of the Mesozoic is a game about dinosaurs.
It is a tableau building game where card play is constantly evolving. In this prehistoric game the dinosaurs are not blood-thirsty monsters constantly fighting with each other, but animals filling vital roles in an ecosystem. Each type of animal is needed to be a balanced ecosystem and to be sustainable in the long term.
Don’t miss out!

WATERLOO SOLITAIRE BOARD GAME is shipping and all shipments (including international will be shipped by 10/6).

The game will be available on our website at the discounted pre-shipment price of $70.00 (MSRP $75.00).



We have many games lined up for production over the next 24 – 36 months.  We are working on them as quickly as possible but wanted to give you a sneak peek at four of the games coming soonest.
From Pungo Games we have two very exciting, fast playing (under an hour), hard hitting, sports card games that are great for beer and pretzels or family game night.  Both are designed by Andrew Fischer.

Pass, skate, fight, dump the puck, pull the goalie – so many great hockey decisions in such a small package.  If your a fan of hockey – or smart sport games then you will love this one!

Prototype of the game layed out for play

Big Time Boxing realistically lets you fight the fight – cross, jab, uppercut, body blows, combo’s, fouls, knockdowns and more.  You make the decisions on offense and defense.  Manage your health and energy wisely or you’ll be kissing the canvas quicker than Evander Holyfield’s ear!

From Worthington Publishing we have the follow up to the well received ARCHIE’S WAR.  This one is titled ROMMEL’S WAR and is for 2 players.  The game is a cat and mouse chess like game on the fight in North Africa 1941-42.  This game is designed by Derek Croxton and plays in 1 hour or less.

Pictures above from the prototype Deluxe version of Rommel’s War with wooden blocks with the unit data printed directly on them. (Yes, they look that good in person!)

Box Cover
From Old School Wargames we have LOUISBOURG 1758.  The game is a block game about the Siege of Louisbourg during the French & Indian War.  The game uses cards for events and tactical advantages.  The game plays in 1 hour or under.
Soon to be followed by Franklin 1864, Band of Brother’s Stalin’s Favorite, Drop Zone 1944, Caesar’s Gallic War II, The Power of Six (fantasy card game), One Hour World War II, Gettysburg (based on the Chancellorsville 1863), Blood of Lions.

Thank you and happy gaming!!!
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