Wargames Journal

The Magazine for Wargamers Everywhere

Issue 6


This is a bold claim from a UK publisher out with only their 6th issue of their magazine. A bold claim indeed with all of the competition in the wargame publishing market based in the UK. Lets take a look at what’s between the covers of this magazine and see if it lives up to its claims of being a “Wargames Journal for Wargamers Everywhere”.

First, let me preface this review by saying that this is the first issue of this magazine that I have ever seen. At first appearance, the magazine is fully in color from cover to cover with a tremendous amount of color pictures of game action reports. The physical layout of the magazine has it in A4 format which is typical for a European publication and it is 102 pages long filled with colorful articles and advertisements. Enough of the pleasantries, and now to the meat of the subject, the content.

It doesn’t matter how nice and pretty a magazine is, if the content isn’t meaningful, well presented, well written, and interesting, its useless. Well let me say from the start, that this appears to be a tremendous magazine managed and edited by hobbyists who absolutely love what they do. It also seems that the authors who have submitted articles to this publication, have similar loves and attitudes toward what they are doing and it is evident with their treatment of history of the period, and the miniatures showcased.

However, while it may be at that is backed up by the material that is presented between the enticing front page and the bright color ad on the last page of the journal.