Vietnam Infantry Tactics


written by Gordon L. Rottman

illustrated by Peter Dennis

This book is number 186 in Osprey’s ‘Elite’ series.

The author, Gordon L. Rottman, is a Vietnam infantry veteran. In this book of 64 pages he discusses the small-unit infantry tactics focusing on the US Army, US Marines, the Australian and New Zealand soldiers

(“ANZACs”) of 1st Australian Task Force. He explains how the manual of ‘standard doctrine’ merely provided guidelines for this fight. He discusses how innovative tactics and techniques evolved at battalion level and below in the ever changing battlefield due to the terrain, weather, local situations, specific missions and enemy changing tactics.

The Key Free World Forces’ tactics that the author discusses in detail are Command and Control, Combat Patrols and Ambushes, Counter-Ambushes, Defensive Perimeters, and Offensive Operations.

Note: The tactics of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) and the Asian contingents were similar to the Americans, as they were trained by US forces and provided with US weapons.

Rottman’s first hand accounts provide a understanding of the unique nature of the operations of this war in a very concise manner, he makes you feel as though you are sharing his experiences.

Paperback: $18.95 US; $22.00 CAN