US Marine Infantry Combat
Uniforms and Equipment 2000-12


By Kenneth Eward

This 64 page book is number 190 in the Elite series of books from Osprey Publishing.

US Marine Infantry Combat Uniforms and Equipment 2000-12 is a much needed book on modern US uniforms and specialized equipment. This volume brings some order to the chaos of this subject. One doesn’t realize the number of changes that have occurred during this time. The author does an excellent job through the use of photographs and illustrations to show most of the changes that have occurred. The book starts with a brief look at the Marine “Organization” and ends with an excellent “Glossary of Acronyms”.

A brief look at this books table of contents is as follows:


  • Introduction
  • Infantry Combat Equipment Design
  • Combat Clothing
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Load-Carrying Equipment
  • Bivouac & Special Purpose Items
  • Infantry Weapons
  • Future Developments
  • Glossary of Acronyms
  • Index

Under each of these main sections there are many other subjects discussed. Some of the areas of discussions are for items such as:

  • Camouflage Patterns, Insignias and Badges
  • Body Armor and Helmets
  • Integrated Individual Fighting System
  • Cold Weather Infantry Kit, Night Vision and Communications
  • Pistols, Rifles, Carbines and Shotguns

There have been many advancements in the arms and armor of the infantry marine during the past 12 years and tis book makes some inroad into explaining what is available. The marines are one of Americas fighting elite and their missions have changed during these crucial years and so has their equipment. US Marine Infantry Combat Uniforms and Equipment 2000-12 provides the reader with a look at these changes in a crammed packed 64 pages.

While it is a contemporary subject, the US marine Infantry and still the main units on the ground. More and more miniature rule books are being written and released for the fighting that took place in the middle east during these years. One set of books from Osprey Publishing that has been devoted to this subject is Force on Force which depicts modern tactical combat. Elite number 190 is an excellent book for the wargamer or figure painter who wants to painstakingly recreate the uniforms and weapons during this period. Also, the general historian will also learn how the Marine missions and equipment have changed over the past 12 years. The book, US Marine Infantry Combat Uniforms and Equipment 2000-12 is an excellent reference book that will be enjoyed immensely.

This book is available from Osprey Publications.

This book is available in three formats and they are;

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