US Heavy Cruisers 1941–45
Pre-war Classes

Author: Mark Stille
Paul Wright

This 48 page paperback book is number 210 in the New Vanguard Series of books that are available from Osprey Publishing.

Designed and produced under the regulations of the Washington Naval Treaty, the heavy cruisers of the Pensacola, Northampton, Portland, New Orleans and Wichita classes were exercises in compromise. While they possessed very heavy armament – the Pensacola’s, for example, carrying a main battery of ten 8” guns came at the cost of protection. The armor was the same thickness as a gun cruiser, and incapable of protecting the vessels from enemy 8” fire. As the classes evolved, these flaws began to be corrected, with the main battery being reduced, and increased protection being added to the vital areas of the ship. Despite these drawbacks, the pre-war heavy cruiser classes served with distinction throughout World War II.


  • Introduction
  • Naval strategy and the role of the Heavy Cruiser
  • USN Heavy Cruiser design the Naval Treaties
  • USN Heavy Cruiser Weapons
  • USN Heavy Cruiser Radar
  • Pensacola Class
  • Northampton Class
  • Portland Class
  • New Orleans Class
  • Wichita Class
  • Analysis and Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Index

This reference work is especially useful to the Naval modeler with all of the color drawings and B&W photographs. The reader whose interests lie in World War II Naval Cruisers will also enjoy this book.

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