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Just a quick update this time with two announcements.


E-Game Kit Additions

We’ve spent the past few months expanding our collection of VASSAL and ZunTzu game sets for the TPS line up. You can check out all the new ones here on the TPS website by clicking this link.

And, Introducing TPS Refit Packs!

As with most games, capturing the actaul history behind the events depicted took priority over including all the possible options and  “might have beens”. So, we’ve created “Refit Packs” for our TPS line to expand player options. The first of our Refit Packs for the TPS series of games is now up on the website. This one is called Beyond Midway and offers a mix of new updated components, variants and scenarios for our The Battle of Midway game. Click this link or on the image below to check it out.

Our goal is to offer a number of Refit Packs for the games in the years ahead. All Refit Packs will typically feature an updated rulesbook (and charts, if any) incorporating any addenda, plus any errata counters, and then a number of expansion items, maybe new scenarios and counters, maybe a smaller related game, and so on. However, no one has to buy anything, the essentials of a Refit Pack will always be available as free downloads or, in the case of counters, can be requested from us using the Game Parts page.
Note that new copies of The Battle of Midway sold by us or to stores will have this new rulesbook and charts and addenda pieces in them. While we can guarantee new sales shipped from here will be up to date, a store copy could have been sitting on the shelf awhile, particularly if you see a copy in the old plastic box format.
Future Refit Packs for other games are planned as well – Beyond Vicksburg includes a pre-game game you can play that will influence the Vicksburg game itself. Beyond Syracuse features a look at the later Roman siege of Syracuse. Beyond Joan has new scenarios and a new mini-game inside. Beyond Stalingrad has an expansion scenario and counters for examining Army Group South’s attack on Rostov in late 1941, plus a new PBG on Manstein’s “backhand blow”, and so on.
The important takeaways are:

  • You don’t have to buy anything. The key upgrades to bring any existing copy of The Battle of Midway (or any future TPS game) up to snuff are freebie downloads off our site. Click here and look to the lower right. If you just want a hard copy of the new second edition rules and charts, you can just order that off our Game Parts page.
  • If you already own all the games but you’re also a completest, you may want to buy a Refit Pack from time to time, depending on the options inside. People with the ziplock editions can even slowly acquire one of our new game boxes for each of their titles over the years without a single budget buster purchase.
  • If you bought a store or secondhand copy of any TPS game, you’re unlikely to have any of the items in that game’s Refit Pack, so it’s a marvelous option for you to grab all of it in one place.
  • Last, if you’re a new buyer of the game from us, the existence of a Refit Pack for that game means you’re assured you are getting the latest essentials (new rules, charts and addenda counter strip) you need in your new copy.

OK, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!

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