This is our first e-newsletter out since finishing the publication of the TPS 21 game series. We don’t have any new titles to announce but we wanted to mention a few things of possible interest.

First off, we’ve moved! The banner below says it all.

Second, we do want to make everyone aware of our new packaging solution brought about by how the price of our plastic game boxes has skyrocketed. Plastic is of course made by converting ordinary oil into resin and then the resin into plastic. The increasing base price of oil and then supply chain difficulties with resin has made our normal TPS box completely uneconomical to manufacture.

So, as we neared the end of our stash of plastic boxes, we had to find a solution and have decided to switch to cardboard for the boxed TPS games. The first sets have finally arrived (some pics below) and we have cut over to the new boxes on Oct. 1st.

Obviously, we’re not recalling any of our TPS games already on store shelves so you may still see them in plastic boxes out in retail land for a while to come. Also, we still have some odd lots of the different titles here in plastic boxes and we’ll keep selling those off till they’re gone.

Many readers here of course already have the complete series so this announcement is more of a public service announcement and to let people know that when they see these new boxes on store shelves, they are NOT new editions of the games, rather still the original games but in new packaging. We do lose the built-in plastic counter tray of the old box but there is now room to buy some of the other counter trays for sale out there and we can now include larger dice.

Anyone interested in the Collect Them All Now Option here will get their set of 21 in the older plastic boxes till those completely give out. If you want the new cardboard box instead, we can do that if you specify that in the comments field on the TPS order form.

People with some of the titles in plastic boxes already, and wanting more and not wanting different size boxes across their set, can specify “paper or plastic” on the TPS order form (write it in the “Comments” section) to avoid mix and match problems. If you don’t specify, we’ll send plastic and we will honor requests for plastic as long as the plastic boxes hold out.

If you’d like to get a set of just the 21 boxes (they are attractive and show off their spines well on shelves as you can see above) we can do the following:

  • If here in the USA, the cost is a flat $220.00 (a little over a 30% discount over buying them singly). That includes shipping. If you live overseas, please send us your name and country and we’ll prepare a quote.
  • We’ll send you two packages. The first item will be sent via UPS and is a large carton with the base series of 20 boxes. We’ll also then send you a separate mailer via USPS with the 21st box. They will most likely arrive on different days/or weeks.
  • Since the website doesn’t have this listed as an option, if interested, send us an e-mail and we can either send you a request for money via the PayPal system, or you can send us a check or money order made out to “LPS Inc” for $220.00 to our new address above.

OK, that’s the news for now. Look for another communication early next year.

Thanks for reading,

Turning Point Simulations

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