Trade and Treachery Western Europe 1494 – 1610


This book is number 2 in Osprey’s “Field of Glory:Renaissance” series.

This book is a ‘gaming companion’ for the Renaissance wargamer. It looks at the armies of the Great Italian Wars, the French Wars of Religion, the Dutch rebellion against the Spanish overlords and other European conflicts of the time, such as England and Scotland.

In the Introduction the author gives a very brief overview of what main conflicts and military developments in weaponry, armour and tactics were takin place from 1494 to 1610. In the 22 sections that follow the author begins with a very brief historical background overview of the current situation. Plus he gives brief Troop Notes, which is followed by a chart listing the RANK/TYPE, quantity and description of the ‘Starter Army.’ Also, within each section is ‘Building a Customized List Using Our Army Points.’ Here he gives the special instructions that apply to that army and this is followed by a chart for the Core Troops, Optional Troops and the troops of Special Campaigns. This chart provides you with a detailed army list that contains the following information: Territory Type; Troop Name; Troop Type, which includes Armour and Quality; Capabilities, which includes Shooting, Impact, Close Combat; Points per base; Bases per BF; and Total Bases.

Trade and Treachery provide the tabletop wargamer with detailed army information in a concise straight forward easy to use format. It is complete with maps, diagrams and beautifully illustrated throughout.

This book is a ‘must have’ for the Renaissance wargamer who wants to TAKE OVER OR COMMAND OR RULE the 16th century armies of Europe.

Paperback: $24.95 US; $27.95 CAN