Scream, Aim, Fire! Now Shipping!


Scream, Aim, Fire! Now Shipping!

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We are proud to announce Scream, Aim, Fire! is now shipping!

Scream, Aim, Fire! is a solitaire tactical game of squad-level combat in the aftermath of D-Day.

The player takes the part of American infantry and armor pushing inland to take objectives, using a dice-roll action system that gives you a guaranteed number of actions each round, but not always of the exact type you need. A card-driven action system manages the German defenders, including veteran units, machine-gun nests, and even tanks. Victory is based on objectives and American Morale score, and game complications include lack of supplies and surprise German reinforcements, so even on the edge of victory, it pays to be cautious. But with a time limit on every scenario, not too cautious. With five scenarios of increasing difficulty and complexity, Scream, Aim, Fire! is a challenge you will have to rise to and a challenger that is always ready for you.

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We are happy to report that D-Day and Beyond is selling very well and is in stock!

D-Day and Beyond is a tense, two-player operational board game covering the European theater from the French Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts to the dense German forests, the Siegfried line, and the Rhine River. Additional rules showcase the Resistance, rail movement, airborne operations, carpet bombing, the release of German reserves, and the infamous Wacht Am Rhein offensive known as Autumn Mist.

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