Rifles in the ‘Nam on Pre-order

Rifles in the ‘Nam on Pre-order

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We’re thrilled to announce that the next installment in Gottardo Zancani’s renowned solitaire RIFLES series is now available for pre-order: Rifles in the ‘Nam! Immerse yourself in the intense battlegrounds of the Vietnam War, experiencing the gritty action of jungle warfare in a uniquely immersive single-player format.

Say goodbye to traditional hex-maps and hello to three simplified yet engaging maps: Tunnel, Jungle, and City, each capturing the essence of the Vietnam Theater. Engage in thrilling firefights across various scenarios, including convoy rescues, tense tunnel searches and fights, city battles, jungle ambushes, and a linked campaign. With five to ten units per side, every mission offers a new challenge.

Utilizing blind chit draws, strategic die rolls, and carefully crafted charts, Rifles in the ‘Nam authentically simulates the unpredictable nature of war. Inside the compact package, you’ll find 105 visually appealing, 1″-square die-cut counters, three distinct maps, Army Sheets for the U.S. Marines, Army, North Vietnamese, and Viet Cong, twelve missions, a campaign, Player Aid cards, a user-friendly Rule Book and Scenario Book, 3d6, and several plastic bags to store your units.

Prepare for an immersive journey into Vietnam’s battlefields with Rifles in the ‘Nam. Pre-order now to secure your copy! Shipping begins in late February.

Game Details:
– Age: 14+
– Players: 1
– Complexity: 5 on a 10 scale
– Playing Time: 1 hour to 5 hours and 3 minutes

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the challenges of jungle warfare. Pre-order Rifles in the ‘Nam today!

RITN ActionShot 2 1

Battling the NVA

RITN ActionShot 3 1

The streets of Hue.

RITN ActionShot 1 1

In the jungle.

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