The Rise of Imperial Rome AD 14–193

Author: Duncan B Campbell

This 96 page paperback book is number 76 in the Essential Histories series of books available from Osprey Publishing.

In this book Duncan Campbell explores the course of the wars that ensued as successive emperors sought to extend the empire, from Claudius’ conquest of Britannia, Domitian’s campaigns on the Rhine and the Danube, through Trajan’s Dacian Wars and Parthian War, to Marcus Aurelius’ Marcomannic Wars, as well as the Jewish Wars. The period covered in this book ends with the consolidation of the Roman frontiers along the Rhine and Danube. This book provides a summary of the strengths, limitations and evolving character of the Roman army during the first two centuries AD, as well as those of the forces of Rome’s enemies across the Rhine and Danube in Germany and Romania, and in the East, in the form of the Parthian empire of Iraq/Iran. Fully illustrated with photographs depicting the emperors, their armies and enemies, and the remains of Roman fortifications and public buildings, plus informative full-color maps, this is the epic story of the wars waged by a succession of emperors during the period in which Imperial Rome reached its zenith.

The contents of this Essential Histories book are:

  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • Background to War
    • The Roman Empire in 14 AD
  • Warring Sides
    • Rome and her Enemies
  • Outbreak
    • An Uneasy Peace
  • The Fighting
    • Expanding the Empire
  • Portrait of soldiers
    • Gaius Velius Rufus
  • The World Around War
    • Travels in an unarmed province
  • Portraits of Civilians
    • Dio Cocceianus ‘Chrysostom’
  • How the War Ended
    • Neglecting the Empire
  • Conclusions and Consequences
    • A Changing Empire
  • Further Reading
  • Index

This Essentials History book provides a concise look at Rome’s rise to power and her fall from that height. We read about the military and political leaders of those times who led Rome down the path to become a World Empire. Through photographs, drawings and maps you follow the scope of Rome’s glory and see some of her triumphs through her art. Essential Histories 76, The Rise of Imperial Rome AD 14–193, is an excellent short reference guide for the historian, wargamer, or individual who would like to learn more about this fascinating period of history.

This book is available from Osprey Publications

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