Balkan Fury 2


We are delighted to announce that Balkan Fury Revised 2nd Edition, is now in final development.  The game will entirely replace the now sold out Balkan Fury in the TSWW range, including 2 modernized maps, 8 counter sheets (2240 counters) covering not just the invasion of Albania and the 1940-41 Balkan Campaign, but the rapidly changing partisan and guerrilla war that erupted in the wake of German withdrawals for Operation Barbarossa.

The game’s timeframe is extended to finish at the end of June, 1943, with the main campaign starting as Italy invades Greece during October 1940.  The Italian occupation of Albania is retained as an outlying scenario, and we are adding multiple learning, naval, ground and campaign scenarios and modules to the game.

Just as exciting, like Barbarossa and Hakkaa Palle v1.1 we will be having the Rules, OBs and At Starts commercially printed, collated and assembled to the highest possible standards.  The Charts will be printed on high quality stock, and along with the usual 2 x D10 dice, will round out what is already promising to be an exciting, special game highlighting the very best of TSWW.

Athens Crop

Available right now from our website, you can choose between the spectacular Limited Edition box art or the well known “standard” edition (which has been tweaked a little bit as well)! The limited edition box art has 250 copies available, and will never be reprinted.

BF Ltd Ed Box Thumb nail

Our development schedule is on track, with maps, box art, basic rules, charts all done.  The counter art and OB file work commences this coming week, with print scheduled to commence in less than 4 weeks time.  We anticipate shipping by mid June at the latest….