Hakkaa Paalle

Hakkaa Paalle thumnail

We are proud to announce the release of a very mild revision and reprint of Hakkaa Paalle.  The updates to the game involve the commercial printing and binding of all OB files, Rules and upgrades to the way we have the printers handle the various charts in the game.  Minor map fixes have also been done to bring the game into line with Barbarossa.  Finally we have included all available FAQ and Errata possible in the updated files – we are using existing counters for the product so some minor counter issues cannot be fixed.

The game is available for purchase at:


Pricing is now £220 (ex VAT in the UK) inclusive of global shipping reflecting the significant increase in component quality and the more limited production run of the game.

It will commence shipping in 2 weeks time all being well (we anticipate stock in hand by the end of this week).