The Great Chevauchee

John of Gaunt’s Raid on France 1373


written by David Nicolle

This 80 page book is number 20 in Osprey’s “Raid” series.

This is the only book published that deals exclusively with one of the epic medieval raids. The author gives a detailed account of John of Gaunt?s attempt to attack the heart of the French kingdom in 1373. The Great Chevauchee may have been unsuccessful, but it did cause extensive damage to France?s infrastructure; and it can be marked as a significant turning point of the Hundred Years War.

The author details all the battles and skirmishes the raiders fought along the way from the beginning to the bloody end of this chivalric warfare. Though unable to attack major fortifications, they plundered the countryside, raiding towns and villages. In the end they marched almost 900km from Calais to Bordeaux, were overwhelmed by the French ambushes on all sides, suffered from disease and starvation and lost almost a third of its men.

Beautiful artwork and illustrations are included throughout.

Paperback: $18.95 US; $22.00 CAN