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Western Front


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Tank On Tank Western Front is a low-level game of armored combat in the Second World War. Players take either the American or the German side and ty to outfight and/or outmaneuver their opponent. Either side can score a fleeting victory before moving on to the next Scenario.

Game Components

This game includes the following components;

  • 64 Counters
  • 2 Maps
  • Player’s Aid
  • Dice


The Units (Game Pieces)

A majority of the combat units used in Tank On Tank: Western Front represent main battle tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled artillery. Each of these units has three numbers on it as can be seen from the figure below.


The names on some of the units are Underlined. These Underlined units represent the Headquarters. The advantage of a Headquarters Unit is that it makes movement more efficient. There are four different types of markers as you can see below.


The “Turn” marker is used for the players to keep track of their Game Turns. The “Ace” marker is used in some of the Scenarios to indicate an exceptional crew. The “Command” Chits (APs) tells the player the total amount of APs that they can expend during the current turn. Finally, the APs Spent marker tracks the current use of APs during a turn.


Only one Combat unit is allowed in a hex at a time. Each turn consists of an American Player Phase and a German Player Phase. At the Start of the opponent’s player phase a player blindly draws one of the six Command Chits from an opaque container. The player keeps the Command Chit drawn secret as it contains the number of Action Points that the user can employ during the turn During his player phase, the player has the opportunity to activate some or all of his units to move and/or shoot. However, the lack of Action Points (APs) may prevent a player from performing all the actions that he wishes during a turn. Regardless of the number of APs a player has, each unit can only move once and fire once per turn.

Action Points

Action Points are the key to the Tank On Tank series of games. It is the simple tool that allows a player to turn an intention into an activity on the game map. The judicious use of APs by a player will determine whether a player wins or loses a scenario. It costs one AP to:

  • Pivot and/or move one piece
  • Fire any/all pieces at one target
  • Promote one piece

The only restriction is that one APs action must be completer before beginning another.


Movement and Combat

As previously stated, one AP must be spent for a unit to move. You can move up to the full limit of a units movement allowance for the cost of one AP. When it comes to Combat, there are 4 prerequisites that must be followed and they are:

  • Have an AP available
  • Enemy unit is in the firing units front arc
  • Target unit is in range
  • Firing Unit has a line of sight to the Target Unit

As long as all four of these prerequisites are met, the unit can fire.

Combat resolution is also handled in a simple and straight forward manner the same as it was in Tank on Tank: Eastern Front. (To see the review of Tank On Tank select https://mataka.org/tank-on-tank/) Players roll 2d6 dice, sum them up and add the number of firing units to the total. To this total, you add or subtract any combat modifiers and if the final result is equal to or greater than the targets defense factor, that target unit is eliminated and removed from the game. However, if the result of the 2d6 dice and combat modifiers are less than the Defense Factor of the unit, there is no effect to the unit and play continues normally.


There are a total of 14 Scenarios included with the game as well as a way to design your own scenarios. The 11 Scenarios included with Tank on Tank: Western Front are:

  1. Head to Head
  2. Frontal Assault
  3. Last Stand
  4. Counterattack
  5. Stab to the Flank
  6. Night Action
  7. Rematch
  8. Break In
  9. Thorns
  10. One Misty Morning
  11. Get out of Town
  12. The Hills Have Eyes
  13. On The Prowl
  14. Hold for the Fatherland

For each scenario, you are provided with the following information:

  • Title of the scenario
  • Which map to use
  • Opponents
  • Victory Conditions

Designing your own scenarios provides unlimited expansion possibilities to Tank On Tank: Western Front. You start this process by choosing who will play which side. Next, you choose how many points players will use to make up the scenario and begin choosing your units. After this, players will decide the type of Supply counter they will use. The US will use a Supply Truck and the Germans will use a Supply Dump. Now, each player rolls a 1d6 and the winner decides what Map to use, whether snow is used and what long edge of the map they will setup on. Once the setup map edges are chosen, each player will place an objective counter anywhere within 3 hexes from their opponents map edge. Finally, Player A setups within 3 hexes of their map edge and then Player B sets up within 3 hexes of their map edge and move first. The Player who captures their Objective Counter first, wins the scenario.

Finally, the one last thing that I want to mention is that there is an Optional Snow Rule. With the use of this rule, it doubles the number of base Scenarios provided with the game.



The one thing that I want to mention is the Lock ‘n Load Publishing website Besides showing all of the games that they have available, they also have any additions and/or corrections to a game on their website. You can find a games errata as well as any additional information to the game. If you look at the website for Tank On Tank: Western Front you will find that there are some additional Scenarios published for the game. At the moment, you will find that there are two additional scenarios on the website, that you can download, printout and expand the game. You can keep checking back for more and continue to enjoy the game way into the future.

Tank On Tank: Western Front is a simple, subtle and surprising game. It’s Simple with only a little over 6 pages of rules. It is Subtle in the games approach to tank combat. Finally it is Surprising that packaged within this games box is a fantastic introductory wargame that will challenge even the most dedicated grognard. Whether you are playing Tank on Tank: East Front which I previously reviewed (you can read that review here) or West Front, you will have a great time. It is the perfect game to introduce a potential wargamer to the world of pushing counters around a map. Or, it is a great beer and pretzel game for that Friday night fight.

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