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Super Drawings in 3D – The Battleship Bismarck


Super Drawings in 3D

The Battleship Bismarck

By Waldemar Góralski


Grzegorz Nowak

The Battleship Bismarck by Kagero is a 98 page softback A4 format magazine/book that is distributed by Casemate Publications. The first eight pages of the book is devoted to a short background history of the ship and the remaining pages are devoted to close up drawings of the different sections of the ship as it would have appeared in 1941. There are typically two drawings on a page and I would say it is safe to say there are over 180 beautiful color drawings from cover to cover.

There are 13 different sections crammed full of useful information. These sections are:

  • Design and Construction
  • General Characteristics of the Hull
  • Armor Protection
  • Underwater Protection
  • Propulsion and Electrical Capacity
  • Armament
  • Radar Equipment
  • Ship Boats
  • Aircraft Equipment
  • Crew
  • Operational Commanders of the Bismarck
  • Operational History
  • Bibliography

While the written information is only 11 pages long, it is well written and offers readers and excellent glimpse into this ships history.

The remainder of this magazine/book is devoted to the 3D drawings of the Bismarck. There are 86 pages of 3D drawings with typically 2 drawings on a page. You receive 3D drawing views from all different angles of the ship. As with the other book I reviewed in this series, the Richelieu, the drawings really are well done and provide the reader with some very detailed views of the Battleship Bismarck.

Kagero’s Super Drawings in 3D Battleship Bismarck is an excellent magazine/book for the historian, general naval historian, and especially the ship modeler who is building a Battleship Bismarck. The detailed 3D drawings will aid the modeler in adding details to the modeler for painting or upgrading the build with all types of after-market products. Some of the models and after-market products available for the Bismarck are:

  • 1/200 Scale
  • Trumpeter Kit 3702
  • Eduard Lifeboats
  • G Factor Propellers
  • RB Model Gun Barrels
  • Trumpeter Battleship Upgrade Kit TRU06627
  • 1/350 Scale
  • Tamiya Kit 78013
  • Eduard PE Details 53002
  • Lion Roar Details LS350009
  • Academy Kit BA904
  • Master Model Gun Barrels
    1/600 Scale
  • Airfix Kit 04204
  • Tom’s Modelworks PE Set 6009
  • 1/700 Scale
  • Trumpeter Kit 05711
  • Aoshima Kit 101
  • MK 1 Design Wooden Deck
  • Model Master Gun Barrels
  • Dragon Kit 7043

The Operational History section of this magazine/book is the longest written area. Here readers are given a concise history of the ship activities prior to its destruction. As with all the other sections, it is well written and makes for very enjoyable reading

Overall, Kagero’s Super Drawings in 3D Battleship Bismarck is an excellent book. It’s 3D drawings are quite well done and really bring this Battleship back to life. You can get a sense of just how immense of a structure this ship was and the power behind its main guns. Also included with this title are scale drawings of this ship. On one side of the scale drawings we are provided with different views of the ship. On the other side we receive 1/350th scale detailed drawings of the ship that are especially valuable for the modeler. Battleship Bismarck is an excellent book that should be in any ship modeler’s library.

Available from Casemate Publishing at http://www.casemate.com



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· ISBN-10 : 8364596012

· ISBN-13 : 978-8364596018

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