Fort Drum

By J.E. Kaufmann & H.W. Kaufmann

Bristling with guns and clad in steel, the modern battleship—Dreadnought—appeared in 1906 and revolutionized naval warfare. Before long, every major naval power, including the United States, was building this class of ship. Shortly before World War I, the US Army began work on a concrete and steel “battleship” that was unsinkable and totally immobile.

In 1898, after their victory in the Spanish-American War, the United States emerged as a major power. The Americans had interests in Hawaii and Samoa even before they acquired them in 1898 and 1899. Th e US took Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines from Spain and created an insular empire that stretched across the Pacific. Early in the 20th century, President Theodore Roosevelt helped foment a revolt in Colombia that resulted in the independence of Panama and in American possession of a “Canal Zone” that would support the new Pacific empire..

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Operation Jupiter

Churchill’s Plan to Invade Norway, 1942

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· Operation Jupiter: Churchill’s Plan to Invade Norway, 1942: Churchill feared Stalin might withdraw from the war. Operation Jupiter was conceived to reopen the northern supply line to Russia as well as engage in a joint operation.

· Fort Drum: Shortly before World War I, to defend Manila Bay, the US Army began work on a concrete and steel “battleship” that was unsinkable and totally immobile.

· Battle of the Kiev Salient: After intense fighting at Kursk in the summer of 1943, the Soviet Summer Offensive swept the Wehrmacht back and across the Dnieper River. The Red Army drive managed to bridge the river in several places setting the stage for the next battle.

· Hollandia: Tactical Victory, Strategic Win—Almost: The Hollandia operation in April 1944, captured the Japanese logistical and airfield complex on the north coast of New Guinea. It was conceived as a major step in projecting American power into the Philippine Islands.

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