Storming Flight 181
GSG 9 and the Mogadishu Hijack 1977


written by Chris McNab
illustrators Howard Gerrard, Alan Gilliland, Mariusz Kozik

This book is number 19 in Osprey’s ‘Raid’ series.

The late 60’s into the 70’s saw a rise in terrorism as was never seen before. This book is about the hijacking of the Lufthansa flight 181 by terrorists in 1977. The hijackers landed the plane in Mogadishu,

Somalia. There the German special missions group, GSG-9 and two SAS

advisors, stormed the plane, killing three of the terrorists and injuring the fourth. No major harm came to the hostages.

The author details the background of the terrorists groups and the formation of the GSG-9, a counter-terrorism group formed as a result of the Munich Massacre of 1972. He analyzes the origins of the hijacking, the military strategy and planning of the rescue. The photographs and illustrations bring back to life the moments that ensued following the hijacking through to the execution of the mission.

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