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Stalingrad 1942–43 (2) The Fight for the City from Osprey Publications


Stalingrad 1942–43 (2)
The Fight for the City



Robert Forczyk


Steve Noon


This book is the second in a three-part series examining the Stalingrad campaign, one of the most decisive military operations in World War II, that set the stage for the ultimate defeat of the Third Reich.

Soviet Infantry Counter Attacking

This 96-page paperback book is the 368th book in the Campaign series of books that are available from Osprey Publications.

German Prisoners’ Being Brought Across The Don By NKVD

By early September 1942, 6.Armee and 4.Panzer-Armee had reached the outskirts of Stalingrad, and Hitler believed it was about to fall. He ordered for the capture of the city as soon as possible, but this was easier said than done. On 13 September, a direct German assault was launched against the city on the Volga and a protracted urban battle followed amid the ruins, already devastated by massive Luftwaffe raids. Although hit hard by the initial German offensive, a ruthless and obstinate Red Army was able to hold onto the city through a costly battle of attrition that sacrificed huge amounts of men and materiel. This second volume in the Stalingrad trilogy, written by a leading expert on the military history of the Eastern Front, brings the fighting in the city to life in full visual detail, including the iconic battles at the Krasny Oktyabr Steel Plant, the Grain Elevator, the Barrikady and STZ factories, the ‘Tennis Racquet’ and Rynok-Spartanovka. Drawing from sources on both sides, this book offers a truly comprehensive account of history’s greatest urban battle.

Hitler Examine Situation Map


  • Origins of the Campaign
  • Chronology
  • Opposing Commanders
    • Axis
    • Soviet
  • Opposing Forces
    • Axis
    • Soviet
    • Order of Battle, 1 September 1942
  • Opposing Plans
    • Axis
    • Soviet
    • Terrain and Weather Factors
  • The Battle of Stalingrad
    • The Battle Begins, 3 – 12 September 1942
    • 6 Armee Advances into Stalingrad 13 – 17 September 1942
    • Slugging it Out, 18 – 22 September 1942
    • One More Into the Breach, 23 – 30 September 1942
    • Autumn Stalemate, 1 – 11 October 1942
    • Seeking a Decision, 12 – 30 October 1942
    • Staring into the Abyss, 1 – 18 November 1942
  • Analysis
  • The Battlefield Today
  • Further Reading
  • Index

Aerial View Of Tractor Factory


This is the second book in this Campaign series dedicated to the fight for the city of Stalingrad in 1942. As you read this book, you begin to feel the stress and combat fatigue of both the German and Soviet troops. It is a miracle that the Soviets won the battle and you can feel how the battle was touch and go. You get a good glimpse at the commanders’ background and tactics at this turning point battle. Campaign 368 is an excellent book for the historian, wargamer and modeler. The Historian will enjoy reading about the history of and commanders’ strategy. The battle chronology takes you through all of the important events that occurred. The wargamer will get the historical background and be able to employ this information into their wargaming battles. Finally, there is the modeler. They will enjoy reading the history and looking at the photographs to get ideas for vignettes and dioramas. Overall, the second of three books on Stalingrad 1942–43 (2) The Fight for the City is a book that readers will appreciate.

Stalingrad 1942–43 (2) The Fight for the City is a 96-page paperback book and is the 368th book in the Campaign series of books that are available from Osprey Publications.




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(The photographs used in this review are copied with the permission of Osprey Publications.)

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