Spitfire Aces of Burma and the Pacific


Aircraft of the Aces 87

Author: Andrew Thomas

Illustrator: Chris Davey

This 96 page paperback is number 87 in the Aircraft of the Aces series of books available from Osprey Publishing

The arrival of the Spitfire in Burma came at a crucial time as the RAF struggled against the Japanese to support the Chindit operation on the ground. Proving a huge boost to morale, the Spitfire played a large part in defeating the enemy, and covering the subsequent Allied advance through Burma, protecting the ground troops and providing vital supplies. Covering this little documented aerial war, this book tells the stories of the 54 aces who flew against the Japanese, and also those who fought in India and Australia. Full-color artwork reveals the markings and paint schemes of this most-famous of British planes, whilst first-hand accounts and archive photographs bring the aerial battles of Burma, India and Australia to life.

The contents of this book are;

  • Churchill Wing
  • Darwin Operations
  • Above the Arakan
  • Imphal to Rangoon
  • In the East Indies
  • Endgame in Borneo
  • Appendices

The 9 pages of plates with 4 color drawings of the aircraft of a page provide the reader with excellent reference material on the markings and camouflage used on the Spitfires. This is an invaluable book for the modeler or diorama builder because of the color plates and numerous black & white photographs that will aid in their creation process.

Available from Osprey Publishing


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