Second Printing


This is a quick look at the Second Printing of Sekigahara.

The Battle of Sekigahara was a decisive battle on October 21, 1600, which cleared the path to the Shogunate. This was one of the most important battles that occurred in Japanese history. This is the Second Printing of Sekigahara as this very popular GMT Games game was out of print for a few months. You can order this Second Printing with either the original box or with a new 3” box for an additional modest fee.


The components of this game are;

  • Mounted Map
  • 119 wooden pieces
  • 1 and 1/2 sticker sheets
  • 110 cards
  • Rulebook
  • Two player aid cards

To read a full review of this game that was published on Mataka.ORG you can search for it on our search bar tp the right or click here.

This boardgame is available from GMT Games

MSRP w/Original Box $69.00

w/3” box $79.00


MSRP w/3” box plus $79.00