Salerno 1943

The Allies invade southern Italy


Campaign 257

Author: Angus Konstam

Illustrator: Steve Noon

This 96 page paperback book is number 257 in the Campaign Series of books published by Osprey Publishing.

In mid-September 1943, as the opening move of the Allied campaign to liberate the mainland of Italy, an Anglo-American invasion force landed on the beaches of the Gulf of Salerno, only a few dozen miles to the south of Naples. Italy had just surrendered, and the soldiers in the landing craft prayed that the invasion would be unopposed. It was not to be. The Germans had seized control of the Italian-built beach defenses, and were ready and waiting. The ferocious ten-day battle at Salerno was eventually decided by a combination of Allied reinforcements, and secondary landings in support of the beleaguered Salerno bridgehead. Using documentary records, memoirs and eyewitness accounts from all sides, Angus Konstam recreates the battle day by day, hour by hour. His methodically researched account offers a fresh perspective on a decisive battle that has largely been neglected by British and American historians in recent years.

The contents of this book are

  • Introduction
  • The Strategic Situation
  • Chronology
  • Opposing Commanders
  • Opposing Forces
  • Opposing Plans
  • Operation Avalanche
  • Aftermath
  • The Battlefield today
  • Further reading
  • Index

This book is an excellent short reference into this important subject of the Allied Invasion of Italy. This was the first foothold in Europe for the Allied Forces. The numerous photographs and maps make this book invaluable for the Wargamer or Modeler wanting to create some of the battles or scenes that took place in 1943.

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