Ruined Hamlet

28mm or 1/56th Scale


Available from Warlord Games

The 28mm or 1/56th scale Ruined Hamlet by Warlord Games is a modular approach to creating your burned out, blasted, run through damaged buildings. You receive 23 pieces of hard plastic that can be configured into three or four buildings in an infinite number of combinations depending on how you want them to appear. It’s this modular approach to damaged buildings and the inspiration of what you can do with them that will get you going.


As I have said, there are 23 hard plastic pieces in this set. The hard plastic was very clean and did not require any filing or flash scrape. All that was required was to wash the pieces in a soapy solution to clean off any chemical residue that might have been left as a result of the casting process. After this, the most difficult decision was what pieces I wanted to use to build the ruined buildings. The photo below can provide you with an idea of all the sections received in the kit.



There are a number of different buildings that you can put together with all the pieces limited by your imagination. Below are a few examples that I have put together from the above pieces.





Additionally, you receive some debris that you can place on our battlefield. Examples of this debris can be seen in the photo below.


Some examples of how you can use the pieces of this Ruined Hamlet can be seen below:



The 28mm Ruined Hamlet from Warlord Games is an excellent addition to either the wargamers table or the modeler who is creating a smaller scale diorama. The detail on the plastic is fantastic and the different combinations in which you can use the pieces are limited only by a gamers or modelers imagination. If you are looking for a battle damaged building look no further than Warlord Games Ruined Hamlet and let you imagination flow.