Road to Baghdad

Iraq 2003


This 104 page book is second supplement in the Osprey’s ‘Force on Force’ series of books

The US and coalition push to Baghdad in 2003 was the biggest combined arms operation of modern times. The ‘Road to Baghdad’ enables the players to take a look into the coalition operations, to experience and refight this 2003 Allied invasion of Iraq from the little firefights to the armored battles. This book includes a great deal of new detailed historical background information and orders of battle for the US, British and Iraqi forces. It contains a variety of scenarios and mission objectives that offer challenges for both the new and experienced wargamer.

Force on Force is a modern tabletop wargame with new and accessible rules that was produced by Osprey in conjunction with Ambush Alley Games. To play the rules you will need a copy of Force on Force.

This book is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM Osprey Publications.