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RAF Fighter Command Pilot The Western Front 1939-42 from Osprey Publications

RAF Fighter Command Pilot
The Western Front 1939-42

Written by Mark Barber
Illustrated by Graham Turner

This 64 page book is number 164 in Osprey Publishing’s Warrior Series of books.

The RAF Fighter Command was one of four functional commands that were created in the mid 1930’s by the British government. These four commands were the Training, Coastal, Bomber and the Fighter Command. Air Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding was placed in charge of the newly commissioned Fighter Command. The two major changes Air Marshall Dowding contributed to the air defense of England was that he pushed for modern fast and heavily armed fighters and invested heavily in the development of the Radio Direction Finding (RDF) device otherwise known as Radar.

Even though the RAF Fighter Command has been the subject of numerous books and movies since the end of World War II, this book provides the reader with a fresh view on the subject. The author shows that the RAF Pilots as they were often portrayed in movies were not at all indicative of the men who manned this command. These men were brave individuals from all walks of life. This book provides the reader with a unique look at these men and the brave deeds they accomplished from 1939 to 1942.

The contents of this book present this information in a very readable format that is quite enjoyable. The books contents are:


  • RAF Fighter Command and the Inter-War Period
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Equipment: Flying Clothing and Uniform
  • Aircraft of Fighter Command
  • On Campaign: Conditions in Theatre
  • Belief and Belonging
  • Experience of Battle: Tactics of Air Combat
  • Museums and Surviving Aircraft
  • Bibliography
  • Index

As you can see from the contents, a wide range of information is provided to the reader.

RAF Fighter Command is a very interesting book that contains many first-hand accounts. The color artwork, drawings of clothing and equipment, plus the numerous photographs offer the reader an insight into what these men endured during this strenuous time.

RAF Fighter Command will be of interest to a wide range of readers. The historian or World War II enthusiast will enjoy the first-hand accounts, art work, and photographs. The Wargamer will get background information as well as strategy and tactics that were employed. The figure painter will enjoy the drawings of the uniforms. Finally, the modeler will enjoy all of the photographs that can provide inspiration for dioramas and the historical background. Overall, readers will enjoy RAF Fighter Command for all of the information that is provided.

This book is available from Osprey Publications.

This book is available in three formats and they are;

Paperback Book


ePub eBook


PDF eBook


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