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Privateer Press Minicrate Back in Action

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MiniCrate has a new home in the Privateer Press Online Store!

Migrating the MiniCrate service was necessary in order to comply with the changes to EU and UK import tax regulations that went into effect last year. It was a grueling process to migrate platforms, and it was not without significant hiccups. Immediately after activating MiniCrate in the Privateer store, we discovered the newly implemented third-party subscription management plug-in for our e-commerce platform was not accurately calculating VAT and shipping to the UK and EU. But after several weeks of searching, the software development team who supplies the plug-in finally found the bug that was causing the problem in their code, and now we are finally ready to resume MiniCrate subscription services.

So, MiniCrate subscriptions are once again available in the Privateer Press Online Store, and we are pleased to officially present this month’s mini, Demon Rattler (based on the Grymkin Rattler from Hordes) as well as the new VIP mini, Tomb Raiding Taryn (Based on Taryn di la Rovissi from Warmachine).

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We know that the interruptions to the MiniCrate service prevented new subscription to last month’s Thor Meinhammer and the previous month’s Champion of Patience. In order to make sure everyone who wanted to receive those minis has a chance to get them, we will offer both for purchase for a limited time, after which they will no longer be available and the molds will be destroyed. Purchasing the Thor Meinhammer or Champion of Patience in this fashion is a one-time purchase will not subscribe you to MiniCrate.
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We apologize for the interruption in the ability to subscribe to MiniCrate. All systems are go now, but should you encounter any issues when subscribing, please contact us at frontdesk@privateerpress.com so we can assist you!

Reach out to our team here for any questions or concerns!

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