Privateer Press to Release Expansion for WARMACHINE MKIV Brineblood Marauders, New Cadre for Cygnar

November 22, 2023

Everett, WA – Privateer Press has announced the November 24th release of an expansion for one of its newest armies, the piratical Brineblood Marauders, as well as a multi-model cadre, the Cygnar Storm Forge, for WARMACHINE MKIV.

The Brineblood Marauders Army Expansion contains 13 models and includes a new warlock, Captain Shadowtongue, to lead the pirate forces and unlock new fighting capabilities with the character solo, First Mate Hargor Stormjaw. With an additional two new command attachments, a new unit, and three new solos, including the Pyg Dirge—an airborne bomber—players will add enough options to their Core Army Starter to field 75- and 100-point armies (provided they have at least three cohort models).

For MKIV Cygnar players, the Storm Forge cadre also includes a new warcaster, Mechanik Adept Sparkhammer, and a new character solo, Specialist Tyson Vos, both of which generate new strategic and tactical opportunities when combined with any Storm Legion or future Gravediggers forces. The Weather Tower Weapon Crew solo and the Storm Callers and Storm Vanes units add to the devastation this cadre brings to the battle when it is confronted by any enemy.

“The Brineblood expansion puts the first MKIV warlock-led army on equal footing with its warcaster counterparts in this edition, so it’s very exciting to see the ‘HORDES’ side of WARMACHINE filling out,” said Matthew D. Wilson, creative director of Privateer Press. “As well, Cadres open up new list-building opportunities for players, acting as a bridge between the armies of new MKIV Factions, and we’re looking forward to introducing Cadres for each of the MKIV Factions in the future.”

The Brineblood Marauders Army Expansion and the Cygnar Storm Forge Cadre will be available through local games stores and the Privateer Press Online Store ( on November 24, 2023, at an MSRP of $129.99 for the Brinebloods Expansion and $99.99 for the Storm Forge Cadre.

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