Panzer Corps Wehrmacht



Panzer Corps Wehrmacht has been given the wrong name. With all the fanfare and countdown that Matrix and Slitherine Games has created around the release of this game, in my opinion they choose the wrong name. This game should be called Panzer General 2011. For those that may not remember, SSI (Strategic Simulations Inc) released a computer game for general gamers (though it was a wargame) in 1994. This game took the industry by storm with its easy to learn game system and fast playing scenarios. The scenarios offered in the original Panzer General had just the right amount of challenge to entice either new strategy gamers or experienced strategy gamers to keep going to the games end. A quick play of Panzer Corps Wehrmacht offers a game system that is easy to learn with scenarios that offer just the right amount of challenge.


Those players who are familiar with the original Panzer General will feel right at home with Panzer Corps Wehrmacht. These players will feel that they have found a long lost friend. Those player’s who are new to the system, will feel that they have found a new friend that is simple to play but difficult to master.

Panzer Corps Wehrmacht is a game for the experienced or new strategy gamer. As the original Panzer General introduced many new gamers to the world of strategy games, the new Panzer Corps Wehrmacht will do the same for a whole new generation of gamers.

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Boxed Edition – $49.99

Download Edition – $39.99