Strategy & Tactics Briefing Room Announcing S&T 328

SEA DRAGON ASCENDANT The Foundation of the Chinese Quest for Naval Supremacy in the Pacific and Indian Oceans By Jim Bloom The Frantic 20-year-old building and acquisition...


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Scale 75 Easter Sale

Si no puede ver el correo correctamente pinche aquí Scale75 C/ Cadmio, 12 - 28500 Arganda del Rey (Madrid) SPAIN Tel +34 91 870 74 71...


Balkan Fury from Diffraction Entertainment/The Knowledge Company

Balkan Fury Diffraction Entertainment On 7 April 1939 Mussolini’s Italian Army invaded Albania, deposing its leader Zog I and imposing Italian rule over the country which...

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The Coral Sea 1942 – Campaign 214 from Osprey Publishing

The Coral Sea 1942   Campaign 214 Available from The campaign series is a set of books, which provides its readers with accounts of history's greatest conflicts....

Medium Mark A Whippet from Osprey Publications

Medium Mark A Whippet Illustrator: Henry Morshead Author: David Fletcher This 46 page paperback book is number 207 in the New Vanguard series of books available from...

Borodino 1812 Napoleon’s Great Gamble Campaigns 246 from Osprey Publishing

Borodino 1812 Napoleon's Great Gamble Written by Philip Haythornthwaite Illustrated by Peter Dennis This is a 96 page book from Osprey Publishing's Campaign series that is number 246. This...

WELLINGTON’S GUNS The Untold Story of Wellington and his Artillery in the Peninsula and at Waterloo from Osprey Publications

WELLINGTON’S GUNS The Untold Story of Wellington and his Artillery in the Peninsula and at Waterloo By Nick Lipscombe This volume is the story of the relationship of Sir Arthur...

TIGER from Osprey Publications

TIGER By Thomas Anderson This book covers the history of the Panzerkampwagen VI, better known as the Tiger. The development of this heavy tank began in...

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Matrix Games/Slitherine Newsletter War In The East 2 OUT NOW

View this email in your browser War in the East 2 is OUT NOW Get your copy on the Matrix Games store and order the huge,...

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