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Osprey Publications NEW VANGUARD 308 Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1960–75

Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1960–75


Author Steven J. Zaloga
Illustrator Felipe Rodríguez

This 48-page book is the 308th book in the New Vanguard series of books that are available from Osprey Publications.

T-62 Underwent Upgrades

A new analysis of the technology and tanks that faced off against each other on opposite sides of the Iron Curtain, during the very height of the Cold War.

T-64 Armed With 155mm Gun

From the 1960s onwards, there was a generational shift in tank design and warfare with the advent of CBR (chemical, biological, radiological) protection and a move away from HEAT ammunition to APFSDS. This shift confronted the growing threat of guided anti-tank missiles and saw the introduction of composite armor. Soviet heavy tanks and tank destroyer/assault guns became obsolete, giving way to the technological might of the T-62 and T-64, while NATO forces employed the Chieftain, AMX-30, Leopard I, and M60, plus the initial attempt at a common US-German tank, the MBT-70.

Comparative Data Of NATO and Warsaw Pack Tank Guns Of The 1970’s


  • Introduction
  • The Tanks, Doctrine, and Organization
  • Soviet Union
  • Warsaw Pact
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • West Germany
  • France
  • Tanks in Battle
  • Technical Analysis
  • Firepower
  • Fire control
  • Protection
  • Mobility
  • Tank Comparisons
  • Further Reading
  • Index

M60A2 with the New Shillelagh gun-missile On M60 Chassis

Using detailed illustrations and contemporary photographs, this companion volume to NVG 301, Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1946-60 focuses on key battle tanks and their technology to give a comprehensive overall picture of how tanks developed during modern times.


New Vanguard 308, Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1960–75 illustrates a number of the weapon systems that faced off across the Berlin Wall. These weapon systems and destructive capabilities are well documented in this 48-page book.

Shillelagh Gun-Missile System

This book is of special interest to the Historian, Wargamer, and Modeler. First, the Historian will enjoy reading about the history of the different weapon systems and their development that took place during this period of time.  Secondly, the Wargamer or game designer will gain detailed information on the tanks and weapons systems that were used during this period of time and they had the ability to apply these details to their wargame rules.  Finally, the modeler will gain all types of ideas for vignettes or details to improve their existing model builds.  Even though the book is only 48-pages long it is one of those exceptional books that will be an excellent addition to any library.

(The photographs and chart are used in this review are copied with the permission of Osprey Publications.)
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