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Osprey Publications, Canpaign 380, Narvik 1940 The Battle for Northern Norway

Narvik 1940

The Battle for Northern Norway

Osprey Campaign 380 Narvik 1940

Campaign 380

This 96-page book is the 380th book in the Campaign series of books that are available from Osprey Publications.

British Soldiers Of The 61st Division Watch The Sunset Off Norwegian Coast

In early 1940, a battle raged to control the ice-free, iron-ore port in northern Norway – with changing fortunes until the very end.

This highly detailed book covers both the naval battles and the individual Norwegian, British, Polish, French and German units that fought the land campaign over northern Norway. Highly detailed maps guide you step by step through the events. Few other books on Narvik give you as much detail on the forces of the fighting five. From Gebirgsjägers to Guardsmen, Fallschirmjägers to Foreign Legionnaires, it offers you an impressive level of tactical detail, even down to company command, whilst also helping you understand the strategic confusion surrounding the whole Allied expedition to the north too.

German Machine Gunner With an MG 34


  • Allied
  • German
  • Allied
  • German
  • Orders of battle
  • Allied
  • German
  • The German landing and the naval battles, 10-13 April 1940
  • German deployments and tactics
  • The Allied landings at Narvik
  • Gratangen, 24-25 April 1940
  • Beisfjord
  • Gressdalen and Roasme, 1-13 May 1940
  • The Bjerkvik landing, 13 May 1940
  • Stautner on the Litlebalak position, 22 May 1940
  • Kuberg
  • The Orneset landing and Beisfjord, 28 May 1940
  • Defending the ore railway
  • Point 620 and Haugfjell
  • Bodø
  • Stien, 17-18 May 1940
  • Pothus, 25-26 May 1940
  • The Allied evacuation
  • Conclusion

HMS Ark Royal in 1939

Among the naval clashes covered in this action-packed story are the destroyer battles in the fjords, the sinking of the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious and the roles the famous battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau played in the fighting. No less dramatic are the land battles, which include amphibious landings, sabotage, commando raids, daring ski missions and a rare parachute insertion by Gebirgsjäger troops.

Mountain Troopers Of II.Gerbirgjager-Regiment


Campaigns book number 380 is devoted to the all-important invasion, of Norway, as it took place in 1940. This was the beginning of Germany’s larger goals of conquest in Europe.

This title is of particular interest to the Wargamer, Modeler, Figure Painter and Historian. Each of these disciplines will gain knowledge and insight into the Norway Invasion and how the allies responded. First there is the Wargamer who will not only acquire knowledge, but they will read first-hand accounts of the important battles that took place in Norway and the seas around the land mass.

The 750 Men Of Sorkos II.-Gebirgsjager Regiment 137

Next, there is the Modeler. This individual will be able to examine the vehicles that battled during the early years of the war. Like the wargamer, the modeler will also gain insight into the weapons and battles that occurred.

Finally the Figure Painter and Historian can gain detailed illusive information by going through this 96-page book from cover to cover. Overall, Campaigns 380 covers a wide spectrum of information that can be used by the World War II hobbyists.

Winter Campaigning Made Use Of Camouflage Smocks

Campaign book 380, Narvik 1940 is a 96-page paperback book that is available from Osprey Publications.




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(The photographs used in this review are copied with the permission of Osprey Publications.)

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