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An Osprey Games banner with the logo surrounded by slices of art from four games: a man firing a laser gun from the wargame Stargrave, a mechnical angel from the RPG Tomorrow City, a figure in a spacesuit fleeing through the desert from the RPG Pressure, and the silhouette of a camel from the board game Sankoré



An image with the Tomorrow City RPG book alongside an illustration of a mechanical angel with a television screen for a face overlooking a retrofuturistic city skyline, with the text "DIESELPUNK ROLEPLAYING" beneath and a sticker reding "OUT NOW" in art deco font
Tomorrow City was one of the cities of the future.

Then came the War. Radium-powered soldiers assembled,
diesel-fuelled nightmares rolled off production lines,
city fought city, and the world burned in atomic fire.

Tomorrow City still stands, part-refuge, part-asylum…Join the Underground and fight crime and corruption.

Sell your dieselpunk tech, occult knowledge and sheer grit.
Hunt down spies, saboteurs and science-run-amok.

As weary sky rangers, fringe scientists and radium-powered veterans, you might be all that stands between
a better tomorrow and no tomorrow at all.


A banner with the text "DIESELPUNK ROLEPLAYING, TOMORROW CITY, NATHAN RUSSELL, ILLUSTRATED BY BIAGIO D'ALESSANDRO" alongside the cover of the Tomorrow City book. In the right corner is an illustration of a mechanical angel with a television screen for a face overlooking a retrofuturistic cityscape of skyscrapers.
An illustration of a figure holding a gun and flying on a diselpunk jetpack with a zeppelin in the background
Jump straight into the action with an easy-to-learn d6 dice pool system expanding on the Hard City ruleset.

Read more about the game’s mechanics here.

Immerse yourself in a sandbox setting full of evocative hooks – build the city of tomorrow that feels right for your stories.

Learn all about the game’s

lore and setting here.

A mocked-up propaganda tourist poster depicting a retrofuturistic cityscape of skyscrapers dotted with spotlights and with zeppelins in the air
An illustration of a street urchin dressed in scraps and rags, sat on a pile of trash and strange technology, feeding an emaciated stray cat
Play who you want to be with swift and simple character creation, focusing on what makes you cool and unique.

Find character sheets and sample characters here.

A banner with the words "YOU ARE ARE THAT STANDS BETWEEN A BETTER TOMORROW AND NO TOMORROW AT ALL" alongside a figure in a trench coat and fedora, holding an electrified baton, overlooking a high-rising city skyline in silhouette


The cover of the board game Imperium: Horizons, with art depicting the leaders of six ancient civilisations side by side
The cover of the Frostgrave: Mortal Enemies wargame supplement book, with art depicting an evil wizard holding an hourglass
The cover of the When Nightmares Come wargame rulebook, with art depicting a diverse array of modern supernatural investigators facing down a towering, slender supernatural humanoid in a dark alley
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