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If you are really lucky, you might get the game for 1$. But even if you aren’t, the more pledges we get, the more stretch goals we unlock. Stretch goals like, additional Luck cards, border strips, and more scenarios. This Kickstarter campaign promises an opportunity for history buffs and strategy enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the intense battles that defined the Commonwealth involvement in the Italian campaign from 1943 to 1945.

Additionally, we are offering the For the Empire expansion in this Kickstarter. For the Empire introduces the Canadians, New Zealanders, and Austrailans to the fray.

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Old School Tactical Volume IV features British forces fighting German and Italian units in tactical battles over treacherous terrain. Players will command Vickers machine guns, Commandos, Bren guns, PIATs, and sticky bombs as part of the British arsenal, alongside an array of vehicles such as Sherman and Churchill tanks. The German and Italian forces, on the other hand, deploy formidable panzers, including the Marder III and Elefant.

A visually stunning map depicting the picturesque Italian countryside has been meticulously designed to provide the backdrop for thrilling scenarios included in the playbook.

Each game includes:

  • 3 sheets of unit, weapon, vehicle, and condition counters.
  • large 30″ x 41″ mounted game map with 1″ hexes.
  • 18 luck cards with unique effects.
  • 36 unit data cards.
  • Scenarios such as “Find Those Guns,” “Guards Brigade,” and “Fallen Allies.”
  • A player aid card.
  • A color rule book.
  • Dice.
  • A massive box to store all components.

Old School Tactical IV Italian Theater 1943-45 and For the Empire expansion offer an immersive and historically accurate gaming experience that will delight both veteran wargamers and newcomers alike. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this Kickstarter campaign and secure exclusive rewards. Sign up at the provided link to be notified when the campaign goes live.

About Old School Tactical:

Old School Tactical is a renowned tabletop wargame series that brings historical battles to life through strategic gameplay. Designed by Shayne Logan, the series has gained a dedicated following for its authenticity and immersive experience. Old School Tactical Volume IV takes players to the challenging Italian Theater of World War II, introducing British, German, and Italian forces in epic battles. The “For the Empire” expansion adds depth and excitement to the gameplay, offering players a chance to rewrite history through strategic decisions and tactical brilliance.

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