North American Indian Tribes
of the Great Lakes


by Michael G. Johnson
illustrated by Jonathan Smith

This book is number 467 in Osprey’s Men-at-Arms series. It is a paperback book and is 48 pages in length.

This book is a brief overview of the Native Americans living in the Great Lakes region. It concisely details their first contact with French explorers through to their final relocation by the U.S.

Government. The author gives a brief history of the way of life including the culture, the personalities and the inter-tribal relationships of the principle Indian nations. Plus, he give a population count for the year 2000.

Johnson describes how their contacts with the Europeans changed almost every aspect of their way of life in some way, and how their material trading, especially the fur trade led to many conflicts. The author provides some brief details for about a dozen or more Indian leaders.

This book is full of amazing illustrations including beautiful full-color costume plates that the Wargamer, Figure Painter or Historian will find invaluable.

This book is available from Osprey Publications.

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Paperback Book


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