German Tanks in Normandy 1944
The Panzer, Sturmgeschutz and Panzerjager
Forces that Faced the D-Day Invasion



Steven J. Zaloga

Illustrated by

Felipe Rodriguez


This 48-page paperback book is the 298th book in the New Vanguard Series of books that is available from Osprey Publications.


PzKpw IV Ausf H

The German tank forces in Normandy in June-August 1944 had the advantage of fighting on the defensive side, as well as comprising of some of the most powerful and advanced tanks used by any side in the war. Yet success in tank warfare depends on many things beyond technological superiority. This book describes the types of tanks, tank destroyers and assault guns used by the Panzer units in Normandy, how they fought on the Normandy battlefield, and why they were overwhelmed by the advancing Allies. It discusses the organization and equipment of the units, providing thumbnail sketches of basic organization and doctrine as well as statistical data on the types and categories of AFVs in German service.


1./SS Panther Regiment 9, 9th SS-Panzer Division


The contents of this book are.

  • The Tanks, Doctrine and Organization
    • Organization
    • Panzer operational doctrine
    • Small-unit Panzer tactics
  • Technical Factors
  • The Campaign
  • Battle Analysis
  • Further Reading
  • Index



Panther Ausf A of 3./SS Pz Regt 1


This short 48-page paperback book from Osprey is jammed full of goodies for your reading pleasure. Historians will revel in the short and concise details about the tanks that defended the shores during that fateful June 6th day. Wargamers will enjoy all of the B/W photographs and color drawings of the tanks. Whereas the Modeler will especially enjoy the photographs and color drawings for the reference material that they present to the reader. New Vanguard number 298 is another excellent addition to this series of books that will be a welcome reference edition no matter what your interest may be.

New Vanguard 298, German Tanks in Normandy 1944, The Panzer, Sturmgeschutz and Panzerjager Forces that Faced the D-Day Invasion is now available from Osprey Publications.




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