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New Vanguard 294 Allied Tanks in Normandy 1944

Allied Tanks in Normandy, 1944

New Vanguard 294

New Vanguard 294 Allied Tanks in Normandy 1944

Author Steven J. Zaloga

Illustrated by Felipe Rodriguez

This is book number 294 in the New Vanguard Series of books that are available from Osprey Publishing.

June 6th, 1944 D-Day saw the largest number of men and materials roll off the landing craft to the shores of FranceIt was a battle that was dominated by the Americans’ legendary Sherman, but also saw a wide and complex range of armor committed to battle across the many armies involved, from British Churchills and special-purpose ‘Funnies’ to the Canadians’ Ram tank.

This marked the start of one of the great periods of tank warfare in World War II. Often outgunned by the German Panzers, and fighting in the close confines of bocage country, they nevertheless managed to break out of Normandy and begin the liberation of Europe.

The contents of this book are:

    • British tank organization in Normandy
    • US tank organization in Normandy
    • British tanks and AFVs
    • British cruiser tanks
    • British infantry tanks
    • British tank destroyers
    • British light tanks
    • Organizational and doctrinal lessons
    • Technical lessons
    • Tank casualties

This book explains the qualities, strengths and weakness of the major British and US tank types as well as associated Allied units in Normandy including the Canadians, Poles, and French, and how they really fought. It will discuss the organization and equipment of the units, providing thumbnail sketches of organization and doctrine as well as statistical data on the types and categories of AFVs that saw action.

Allied Tanks in Normandy, 1944 is another excellent reference book for the military historian, wargamer and military modeler. With all the pictures and drawings included in this 48 page paperback book, there is something for everyone.

This book is available from Allied Tanks in Normandy 1944 – Osprey Publishing.

This 48 page paperback is available in three different formats which are:

Paperback $19.00
eBook (ePub) $15.20
eBook (PDF) $15.20
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