Myths and Legends
King Arthur


Author: Daniel Mersey
Alan Lathwell

This 80 page paperback book is number 4 in the Myths and Legends series of books available from Osprey Publishing.

From his court at Camelot, King Arthur ruled over a unified Britain in a mythical age of peace and prosperity. His glory, however, would be short-lived. For even as he drew the sword from the stone, a doom settled over Arthur that would see his kingdom fall to betrayal and war.

In this book, Daniel Mersey retells the great stories of Arthur, from his winning of Excalibur and his marriage to Guinevere, through his battle with the giant in France and his war against the army of Rome to the treachery of Mordred and his death at Camlann. Supporting this narrative is an exploration of the different facets of Arthurian myth, including the numerous conflicting theories of his historical origin, the tales of Welsh folklore and Medieval romance, and even his various portrayals in the modern media. Presented with both classic and newly commissioned artwork this book is an easy-to-read, yet highly detailed introduction to the complex body of myth and legend that surrounds Britain’s greatest hero.

The contents of this book are;

  • Introduction
  • The Medieval Arthur
  • The Celtic Arthur
  • The Historical Arthur
  • Further Reading
    • Watching
    • Gaming
    • Visiting

In this short book you are told the great stories that surround the legend of King Arthur. You are told the story from his winning of his sword Excalibur, to his death at Camlann. Throughout the book various myths are explored as well as tales of Welsh folklore and his portrayal in modern media. The book abounds with beautiful artwork and adds to the enjoyment of reading this interesting Myth and Legend. King Arthur will appeal to anyone who has an interest in this time of myths, a figure painter looking for a guide in painting a figure or creating a diorama, or the wargamer who wants additional knowledge on this important figure.

This book is available from Osprey Publications.

This book is available in three different formats and they are;

Paperback Book $22.00
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PDF eBook $17.60