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Five Parsecs From Home

Ivan Sorensen joins the Modiphius family with the release of a beautiful retail edition of FIVE PARSECS FROM HOME – a procedurally generated solo adventure wargame where you assemble a ragtag crew of galactic trailblazers and head out to explore the stars, pick up jobs, and engage in some action-packed, sci-fi combat! Pre-order to get the PDF NOW!

Rangers of Shadow Deep Creature Cards

Put some feature into your creature with these Rangers of Shadow Deep Creature Cards, featuring all the creatures from the Rulebook, Temple of Madness, Blood Moon, Incinerator, Ghost Stone, Across the Waste and Menagerie releases + 17 blank cards to add your own enemies!

Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Folded Box Inserts

This Insert is compatible with Fallout: Wasteland Warfare box and has space for over 310 sleeved large cards and 1,150 sleeved small cards, plus the Nuka-Cola Caps and the Extra Dice Set. The design provides both efficient storage and improved game play. Many of the trays can be utilized during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times.

Elder Scrolls Dragon Priest & Word Wall Bundle

Deep within ancient tombs or high upon frozen, rocky crags, the Dragon Priests slumber in the sarcophagi, guarding the secrets of the Word Wall jealously. Danger awaits any unwary adventurers seeking to plunder the rich hoard of grave goods and treasures. The Dragon Priest mini and Word Wall terrain piece, plus the Domain of the Dragon Priest bundle are now available!

Blood of the Void

Live again on Monday March 29th at 6:30pm Pacific at The crew spends time on Qo’noS, visiting family and discovering the inner workings of the High Council. But will old secrets be revealed? And will half-Vulcan Qotar’s Pon Farr mate be… suitable? Drop in to this STA Klingon corebook liveplay to find out! Follow them at @BloodVoidRPG

2000AD: Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper

Two zarjaz new books for the Judge Dredd/2000AD RPG arrive in the form of Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper releases. Become a galactic bounty hunter, or battle for Nu-Earth, with these fantastic new expansions!

Adventure wargaming blog

With all the chaos of the last year, it’s more important than ever for people to set aside their differences and come together, and is leading the charge with a focus on a unique genre of tabletop wargames – narrative-driven Adventure Wargaming. Find out more in this brand new blog.

Please Stand By!

… announcement incoming. Something stirs deep within Vault 111, whatever could it be wastelanders? Check out this brand new video to find out.

Meet the Klingon Quickstart Commandos

Writer Fred Love invites you to meet the Klingon Quickstart Commandos in this latest Star Trek Adventures blog. Don’t forget you can download the FREE QS on the store or via DTRPG.com

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Older News

Star Trek Adventures Klingon Quickstart

This FREE 37-page Klingon Quickstart for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game provides a summary of the key rules needed to play through the quickstart adventure, the adventure “The Tip of the Bat’leth,” and six pre-generated Klingon warrior player characters, all ready for your game group to use to battle for glory and honor.

Call to Arms Into the Dark

The ancient Tombs and Darkened Caves of Skyrim are home to many treasures – and many dangers. Dare you venture into the dark to claim them? Into The Dark provides a new, random delve designer system to allow you to procedurally generate multi-level dungeons for your Heroes to explore.

Star Trek Adventures: BRIEFS 001 – Growing Pains

This brand new Star Trek mission publication offers you ten detailed mission outlines to use as adventures set near the Federation’s founding. Writer Michael Dismuke also takes you behind the scenes on its creation in this brand new blog.

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