Today we’re delighted to announce the release of Star Trek Adventures: BRIEFS 001 – Growing Pains, a brand new Star Trek mission publication, written by Michael Dismuke, which offers you ten detailed mission outlines to use as adventures set near the Federation’s founding.

Star Trek Adventures: BRIEFS 001 – Growing Pains is available in PDF only on as part of the Star Trek Adventures Collection and on Here are the details of this brand new briefing.

The years immediately following the formation of the United Federation of Planets in 2161 were fraught with challenges for new Starfleet crews, whether they were pushing the boundaries of explored space or developing relationships with the many species that chose to join the newly formed Federation. Former adversaries became allies, and a multitude of species had to learn how to work together toward a greater good.

This packet presents ten detailed mission briefs you can modify for use as adventures in your Star Trek Adventures campaigns set in the early years of the Federation’s founding. Each mission brief is designed to stand alone, though they could be strung together into a story arc or added to an existing campaign with minor modifications.

We hope you enjoy this latest Star Trek Adventures publication and be sure to check out the various Facebook groups and Modiphius forums to connect with fellow players,

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