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Welcome to the weekly Modiphius newsletter where we round up all the latest news and give you quick hits on what’s happening at Modiphius Towers. This week, the 100th issue of our mighty Modiphius missive, we have a very special #FalloutFriday, news on virtual tabletops Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, plus Jim Johnson talks Star Trek Adventures Discovery Campaign!

To celebrate 10 years since Chris and Rita started Modiphius, we’re giving everyone who has signed up to the newsletter a chance to win a $100 credit on the store and this week to celebrate our 100th issue it’s a double winner bonanza. This week’s winners are Dennis McHugh and Sean Smith – congratulations guys,  check your inboxes for details of your win! Now on with the news…

Fallout Friday

Welcome to another #FalloutFriday and this month we’ve exciting news as the Commonwealth Rules Expansion is ready for release, there’s new Gunners Conquerors of Quincy and Railroad Operatives minis sets we’ve a thrill a minute ride courtesy of scenario compilation Astoundingly Awesome Tales: Chapter 1 and there’s even a Flatbed Truck STL for Print at Home fans. All are available as part of the Fallout Collections on, Modiphius.US, DriveThruRPG with the STL also available from MyMiniFactory. Just search for individual titles!

Fallout Friday #2

As ever, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare overseer Jon Webb is back with a brand new blog for May 22 detailing all the latest releases, as well as news on what’s coming up and the best of your community content. But we’re not content to stop there and we’ve also got a fresh Commonwealth reveal trailer for you as the Children of Atom : Zealot Congregation make their debut from 4pm GMT. The militant arm of the Church of Atom, they are sworn defenders of the faith blessed by ‘His Glow’.

Fallout RPG launches on Roll 20

Fallout the RPG debuts on Roll 20! Our awesome TTRPG is now available on the popular virtual table top, with a wealth of features designed to help you play with less prep and enhance your experience. This 2d20 edition of Fallout is as close to the bottlecap-bartering, wasteland wandering, Brotherhood battling excitement of Fallout you can get and Includes an adventure module: With a Bang, or a Whimper! Fully integrated for the VTT, including all 8 monsters, rollable tables, and macros.

Fantasy Grounds Fridays!

ICYMI last week, the live stream of April, Lloyd and Bryce taking a walk through the new Fallout 2d20 edition for Fantasy Grounds has arrived on YouTube for you to check out.

Star Trek Adventures Discovery Campaign

Star Trek Adventures Admiral Jim Johnson has an in-depth chat with those nice gents from Really Dicey about the forthcoming Discovery Campaign Guide.

Conan Card Decks

Want to add even more spice and variety to your adventures in the Hyborian Age? Well the Sorcery, Location, Story, Doom and Fortune and Encounter card decks are perfect for your next Conan 2d20 game! Embrace savage sword and sorcery with these mighty thewed decks to enhance ever GM’s tabletop toolkit!

That’s all for this week, have fun and stay safe!

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More News

Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Dwemer Markers and Tokens

We’re delighted to announce the release of a brand new The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms accessories set as the Dwemer Markers and Tokens make their pre-order debut on & Modiphius.US. Pre-orders are expected to ship at the end of May 2022, so not long to wait, and there is much to learn and to gain from these enduring and beautiful monuments to a lost people!

Dune Imperial Edition

The second and final wave of the custom-bound, handcrafted Dune: Adventures in the Imperium Core Rulebook Imperial Edition has arrived in our warehouse and is now ready to order once again. This limited edition collector’s item version of the core rulebook is wrapped in leather, bound by hand using artisanal medieval techniques, and bears a stunning custom-weathered antique brass coverplate engraved with a dramatic worm rider design!

Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 Operation Marseille

A brand new mission for Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 debuted last week as Operation Marseille arrived in PDF on, Modiphius.US and! A team of agents are dropped into Vichy-controlled France to disrupt a powerful Black Sun ritual linked to the Dreamlands. The mission is a success, at least partially, but the aftershock strands them on the mean streets of Marseille and onto a wild hallucinogenic ride, which involves strange chasms, clockwork cities and an encounter with a Great Old One!

Legends of Avallen –Quickstart Guide

This FREE PDF which enables you to sample this intriguing RPG is inspired by an era of Celtic mythology in Roman Britain. The QS is available on, Modiphius.US and DriveThruRPG and if you like what you see, you can also order copies of the marvellous print core rulebook which is available from and has just arrived and started shipping from Modiphius.US. Explore a mystical island occupied by faithless invaders. Peace endures but it balances on a sword’s edge as all seek to tame the Otherworld—a parallel realm home to fae, demons, dragons, and gods.

Older News

Dice Legions RollVsEvil Edition

Modiphius Entertainment is excited to announce the upcoming release of Dice Legions, a streamlined fantasy-themed tabletop strategy game where your dice form your armies! Designed by Australian writer and game designer Adam L. Dobbyns, Dice Legions uses the dice you have at hand – from humble d4s to mighty d20s, to create tabletop fantasy armies and pit them against each other. Along with the full version of the game announced today, Modiphius has unveiled a “RollVsEvil Charity Edition” of the game in PDF format for just £3.80 or approx $5, all proceeds from sales will go to the RollVsEvil charity’s efforts in Ukraine. Get your RollVsEvil charity edition in pdf here!

Five Leagues From The Borderlands

This new narrative fantasy miniatures solo and co-op wargame is from Ivan Sorensen, creator of the epic Five Parsecs From Home. With fast-moving miniatures agnostic rules, developed specifically for solo and co-op adventure wargaming with a procedurally generating campaign world. All you need is a handful of six-sided dice, a pair of percentile dice, some paper and pens! Create a warband of hard-as-nails adventurers, develop their skills, gain spells and magical weapons! Pre-order your copy and receive the PDF now at and Modiphius.US.

Solo Game Master’s Guide

Create immersive solo RPG experiences with this dedicated guide from the acclaimed host of the Geek Gamers YouTube channel in this brand new video! This long-awaited Solo Game Master’s Guide is a crash course in solo storytelling: a toolkit to help your solo sessions shine as brightly as hers do. Pre-order the book now from or and get the pdf immediately for free!


Five Parsecs Weasel Writing 3

Five Parsecs From Home creator Ivan Sorensen returns with a new blog in which he discusses scenario ideas you could use in a GM’ed game and how they can be enhanced using some of the tools in the Appendix.

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