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For today’s #FalloutFriday and we’re pleased to unleash two brand new elite forces as the battle in the Mojave desert heats up, with the NCR Ranger Patrol and Caesar’s Legion Veteran Wave striding onto the battlefield, to bring major new options to your Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games.

This being #FalloutFriday, Jon Webb has also created a brand new blog where he reveals the winners of the New Vegas terrain competition, provides further updates on the New Vegas Cards and Community features, plus showcases some of your amazing painting and diorama work! So, be sure to check that out, but now on with the details of these splendid new miniature sets.

NCR Ranger Patrol

Rangers are the elite troops of the NCR. Mixing snipers with line troopers and veterans, they are one of the most effective tools in the NCR arsenal, capable fighters able to hold their own. They also provide scouts and recon for some of the more dangerous missions that the fighting force undertakes, venturing deep behind enemy lines.


· Civilian Ranger

· 1st Recon Sniper

· Veteran Ranger

· 2x Troopers

· 5x Scenic base

Caesar’s Legion Veteran Wave

The Legion has fought and won many battles. Its most successful soldiers thrive in the cauldron of battle, tempered by the fires of warfare and conquest. Led by the inspiring Vexillarius, the Legion’s Veterans are some of the toughest fighters in the entire Mojave wasteland. Scouting elements and hound masters with vicious mastiffs discover and pin down the enemy, ready for Praetorian guard to move in for the kill up close.



· Vexillarius

· Hound Master

· 2 Mongrels

· Praetorian Guard

· Legion Scout

· 6x Scenic base

We hope you enjoy this latest #FalloutFriday releases and information and keep an eye out next month, when new Super Mutants sets are on their way!

Best wishes,

Modiphius Entertainment

Infinity Combined Army & Tohaa Supplements

Power your Infinity adventures in the Human Sphere and beyond with as the Combined Army supplement arrives in print and PDF. Will humanity kneel before the all-mighty power of the EI or will it risk extinction against the mightiest military force in existence? The Tohaa supplement also erupts in print and PDF! Welcome, friend to the most noble empire in existence! Everything we do, we do to reach Exaltation!

Elder Scrolls Call to Arms update – War is coming!

Hail Elder Scrolls Call to Arms fans, war is coming and the dead are restless! Gavin’s back with a new blog detailing some new units like the Stormcloak Shieldbreakers and Imperial Vanguards, plus a new expansion which enables players to take part in some pivotal events in the Empire’s history!

Win! The Constellation of Alarion Signed Copies!

John Houlihan’s new short story collection features ten sci-fi smashers including Most Exalted, Charioteer and the Constellation of Alarion and it’s out now. Starburst Magazine said: “A collection of tight, well-paced fantasy and sci-fi tales which not only the author’s very promising talent, they are also compelling and fun.” WarGarage has written an intriguing piece on how you can adapt its stories for use in your favourite RPGs and campaigns.

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