Today we’re delighted to announce the release of four new books for the Fragged Empire series of games with Endless Depths, Greyborough Market, Rachel Swagger’s Guide to Mishpacha and Fragged Kingdom – Arcane Bay, now available in both print and PDF as part of the Fragged Empire Collection. Here are the details on these fantastic new releases which are shipping now!

Fragged Aeternum Adventure – Endless Depths

The dragon must die. The world must be reclaimed. New cities must rise from the crumbled vine-choked ruins the Archdruid left in his wake. Brave heroes are needed to forge the future, for the world shall be wrought in the image of those who reclaim it. Master or warlord, king or queen, hero or conquerors… to which title shall you stake your claim in Arcane Bay?


The Rules

To fully enjoy this book you will need: The Core Rule Book, and Fragged Kingdom.

  • GM/PC Guide to Magic.
  • 54 NPC Variations & Traits.
  • 18 Background Traits.
  • 11 Weapons.
  • 33 Magic Variations.
  • 21 Utility Items.
  • 74 Misc Items, Tasks & Services.


The Setting

· 12 Maps, 38 New Factions, 45+ New Locations.

Fragged Aeternum – Greyburgh Market

The Scarsbourne river draws fleets of mercantile vessels from the vast reaches of Aeternum to Greyburgh Market, there to divest their exotic cargo, and disembark cloaked strangers from far-flung places. The market is a crossroads and a dumping ground for some the most arcane and esoteric oddities coughed up by vagabonds, traders, the dead and the dissolute. Any goods and services imaginable can be found for sale among the market’s sprawling warrens of shops, stalls, tents and stands, and for the right price, any dream can be bought, and nightmares are sold for a song.

The Rules

  • To fully enjoy this book you will need: The Core Rule Book, and Fragged Aeternum.
  • GM/PC Guide to Natures, Magic, Suspense Rolls, Corruption & Madness.
  • 53 NPC Variations & Traits.
  • 2 Natures (Overlord & Gadgeteer).
  • 29 Nature Traits.
  • 1 Weapon (Bombard Ranged).
  • 21 Weapon & Arcane Variations & Modifications.
  • 35 Misc Items.
  • 46 Magic Rituals.

The Setting

  • 7 Large Maps, 20+ New Locations.

Fragged Empire – Rachel Swagger’s Guide to Mishpacha

Explore this awesome Region-Based Expansion for the Fragged Empire RPG

· 165 pages.

· 3 new Playable Races (Oni, Tolatl and Half Bloods).

· 13 maps.

· 25+ new locations.

· 16 Racial Traits.

· 40+ new Misc Items.

· New Minion Weapons.

· New Colony rules.

Fragged Kingdom – Arcane Bay

During their travels the Tethered have begun to regularly see flyers advertising a small bounty for anyone who can find a missing set of twins. Normally, the Tethered would not get involved with something as common as this, but a brief interaction with the person posting up these flyers will change their minds. People have been going missing around the area for decades; their bodies never recovered. This sounds like the work of a dark cult or a Fiend…

  • Balanced for Level 1-4 PCs.
  • Expected duration of 2-4 sessions.

Will included; Investigation, exploration and combat.

Ideal for Players and Game Masters who are new to Aeternum system

We hope you enjoy these latest Fragged Empire RPG releases and look out for more coming soon. Have fun and stay safe,

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