Today we’re delighted to announce the advent of another #FalloutFriday with two new mini sets and a brand new blog and community update from Jon Webb.

The Boone, Arcade and Cass set is available now on Modiphius .Net and to pre-order on .US, and the Ed-E, Rex and Veronica set is available on .Net and to pre-order on .US stores. US webstore orders are expected to ship from October 25th onwards so not long to wait!

You can read all the latest news, learn about event support, check out the new painting guides, and see if your creations have made the wall of fame in Jon Webb’s new community update. Now on with the details on these exciting new sets!

Boone, Arcade and Cass

Boone is an ex-NCR 1st Recon Sniper and town guard in Novac. His exceptional aim and hatred for the Legion make him a ruthless ally in the Mojave Wasteland.

Arcade on the other hand is more likely to use his mind as his primary weapon. Quick witted and intelligent, he has an independent streak despite his Enclave origins; even so, he’s still handy with a weapon when he needs to be for the right cause.

Cass is more in tune with the wasteland as it is and less how she’d like it to be. She’s a tough, no nonsense caravan runner looking to claw her way back from sad times and a run of bad luck, any way she can.


· 1 x Boone

· 1 x Arcade

· 1 x Cass

· 3 Scenic bases

Ed-E, Rex and Veronica

ED-E was battle damaged, but a few repairs make it fighting fit and ready for action once more (albeit with new priorities). Rex is a cyberhound with a past in law enforcement and Caesar’s Legion. He is still a powerful fighter and firm friend. Journeyman Scribe Veronica comes from an offshoot of the Brotherhood of Steel. Equipped with a custom power fist, she is a strong ally for those who can earn her trust.


  • 1 x Ed-E
  • 1 x Rex
  • 1 x Veronica
  • 3 Scenic bases

We hope you enjoy these latest #FalloutFriday offerings and don’t forget to share or submit your own creations with that hashtag for November, we love seeing and sharing your hobbyist creations! If you want to with fellow Wastelanders, why not check out the community on the Facebook page or the Modiphius forums?

Best wishes,

Modiphius Entertainment

Other News

Dragonmeet is go!

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