Welcome to another #FalloutFriday and today we’re got two brand new miniature releases for you to enjoy, which will be of special interest to Super Mutant and Robot fans, plus a brand new community blog!

Marcus and Lily make their debut as a winning Super Mutant double act and the Securitron Enforcers are here to police your New Vegas wasteland tabletops.

Both are currently only available on our main webstore, but once the stock arrives in the US warehouse we’ll be announcing their availability there. We now have a US webstore with cheaper local shipping for the US, Canada and Mexico – you can find the Fallout Wasteland Warfare collection here! Watch out for an email if you’re a US or Canadian customer with more info!

Fallout supremo Jon Webb is also back with a brand new blog, where he rounds up the newest releases, presents some Commonwealth news and features some of the best #FalloutFriday community content! Now, on with today’s releases!

Marcus and Lily

Marcus has been many things: A member of the Master’s army, a sheriff in Broken Hills, and now the leader of Jacobstown, a place for Super Mutants and Nightkin to live, albeit somewhat dysfunctionally. He is a veteran of several conflicts and incidents, and while he tries to keep the peace he can hold his own if called to fight. One of this number includes Lily, a Nightkin with multiple personality disorder. She is one-part caring grandmother, one-part a ravening combat monster named ‘Leo’; only time will tell which personality will win out…

Includes: Marcus and Lily and 2 x scenic bases

Securitron Enforcers

The PDQ-88b securitron is the law on the New Vegas Strip. Mr. House’s faithful beat cops, they ensure no one breaks the rules or brings the wasteland into the confines of the ‘peaceful’ city. They are the sole agents of legality and order on the strip, but what is and isn’t legal is decided by Mr. House alone…

Includes:- 2 x Securitron Enforcer Robots and 2 x Scenic bases

Make sure you keep letting us know about your minis, dioramas, tournaments and hobbyist endeavours, by using the hashtag #falloutfriday on social media or mailing [email protected] with your pictures and stories.

We simply love hearing from you and sharing your Fallout: Wasteland Warfare adventures with the wider community!

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Other News

We’re delighted to announce that the print pre-order for the Star Trek Adventures The Shackleton Expanse campaign book is now live. The pre-order is expected to ship next month, October 2021, and every pre-order customer will receive a complimentary PDF right away upon completion or order.

Modiphius Calling Season 4

Modiphius Calling Season 4 is here with Steve and Lloyd joined by special guest Guy Sclanders of How To Be A Great GM fame, with advice on improving your skills, competitive GMing in South Africa and, GM-ing for the armed forces!

Dune Expansions Planned up to 2023!

Dune Adventures in the Imperium line manager Andrew Peregrine and lead 2d20 system designer Nathan Dowdell drop in for a chat with Wargamer, where they reveal plans for the line including a new two part system for creating your house. The first part focuses on internal workings providing new resources for governing your homeworld, the second, new means for managing your house externally and extending its status across the known universe.

Blood of the Void – New Episode!

Join us for another episode of Blood of the Void, the Streampunks’ Klingon Star Trek Adventures live play! The Klingons are venturing into an unexplored system, sent to uncover what the Ra’ney crime family has to do with some rare batleth materials. Catch the whole series on the awesome YouTube playlist!

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