Grab Your Dice and Form a Tabletop Army with Dice Legions

Special RollvsEvil Charity Edition of the Popular Tabletop Game Coming from Creator Adam L. Dobbyns and Publisher VIA Modiphius

Modiphius Entertainment is excited to announce the upcoming release of Dice Legions, a streamlined fantasy-themed tabletop strategy game where your dice form your armies! Designed by Australian writer and game designer Adam L. Dobbyns, Dice Legions uses the dice you have at hand – from humble d4s to mighty d20s, to create tabletop fantasy armies and pit them against each other. Along with the full version of the game announced today, Modiphius has unveiled a “RollVsEvil Charity Edition” of the game in PDF format, sales of which will go to the RollVsEvil charity’s efforts in Ukraine.

Dice Legions’ epic adventures and conflicts are played on an open tabletop or on hand-drawn maps, where there is no grid or board. Dice representing heroes or whole units of Orcs, Dwarves, Cavalry, or terrifying monsters march and fight at your command!

Dice Legions offers players three scales of play to better adapt to the time and available space in a player’s daily life. “Skirmish” games are short, typically less than 30-minute, small area games. “Battle” scale games are larger games lasting around 90 minutes. “Legion” scale games are for clubs or dedicated wargame enthusiasts looking to devote the best part of a day to a major engagement.

However you choose to play, Dice Legions adheres to the same design philosophy afforded to it within the “dice as models” genre. That being, hobby gamers do not necessarily need large expensive armies of painted models to enjoy dramatic cinematic depictions of fantasy combat.

What started as a free-to-play game created by Adam L. Dobbyns during the Covid pandemic quickly attracted a huge amount of attention, “I was receiving 100-200 messages a day about the game from fans of the free version, and so I partnered with Modiphius to help me focus on creating content and let them get it out in front of the world,” said Adam.

The full physical retail edition of Dice Legions will arrive in retail and online stores this summer.

RollVsEvil Dice Edition in aid of Ukraine

The horn is sounding across Eldamere will you answer the call?

Gamers will be able to try out Dice Legions in a special introductory PDF edition before the retail release. 100% of the proceeds from each copy sold will go to frontline aid efforts organized by RollVsEvil, the new charitable endeavour from Modiphius founders Chris and Rita Birch and supported by dozens of tabletop creators and publishers globally.

The unit cards found in this exclusive special event kit have been custom-made for the RollVsEvil charity edition. These cards represent players’ very first opportunity to see the mighty Dice Legions juggernaut roar onto the table!

In a global call out to home gamers, clubs and stores, participants will be asked to buy, download and print their event kits and gather the armies of Eldamere to battle and raise money for the brave people of Ukraine.

By purchasing the special $5 event kit players will immediately be contributing to RollVsEvil’s frontline charity efforts, and players can donate even more by asking their fellow tabletop strategists to kick in a few dollars during each game, to buy event bonuses, money which in its entirely, will go to the charitable effort.

All works in creating this event kit have been donated by the content creators, with 100% of all monies earned going directly towards helping frontline aid efforts in Ukraine. RollVsEvil fundraising is also matched up to a total of £100,000 by Paul and Linda Wedgwood of Supernova Capital & Partners.

You can get it here and start battling evil for a good cause!


Star Trek Adventures Discovery Campaign Book & Season 2

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#FalloutFriday – The Commonwealth

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All are available as part of the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Collections on and Modiphius.US, while the print-at-home set is also available on DriveThruRPG and MyMiniFactory.

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