Medium Mark A Whippet

Illustrator: Henry Morshead
Author: David Fletcher

This 46 page paperback book is number 207 in the New Vanguard series of books available from Osprey Publishing.

This book looks at the Medium Mark A Whippet, which was one of the most successful British tanks of World War I. When examined alongside the existing titles covering the Mark I, Mark IV and Mark V, this completes the New Vanguard series’ coverage of the major British tanks of the World War I.

The evolution of the Whippet Tank is examined in detail, from its design, through the development, to the mechanical details and crew duties. Information on the operational use of the vehicle is drawn from war diaries and battalion records. The Whippet was involved in several well-known incidents that will be presented in this book, which include the clash at Cachy on April 24, 1918, the actions of the 6th Battalion tank known as “Musical Box” on August 8, 1918, and Sewell’s Victoria Cross-winning exploits with the 3rd Battalion on August 29, 1918. Mention will also be made of the Whippet’s involvement with the Tank Corps’ expedition to Russia.

In addition to this examination of the Mark A Whippet is a study of the other Medium tanks up to the end of the war: the Medium B, Medium C, Medium D and the experimental American Studebaker tank.

The Contents of this book are:

  • The Whippets Forerunner: The Tritton Chasser
  • Production of the Whippet
  • Driving the Whippet
  • The Whippet in Action
  • Whippet’s Abroad
  • Medium B
  • Medium C: The Hornet
  • Medium D
  • The Studebaker Tank
  • Index

As you go through the book the reader will also find a large number of photographs and color drawings of Whippets. Some of the photographs show the Whippet in action, which would be of special interest to diorama builders. Of special interest to historians and model builders would be the centerfold 3D Cutaway Drawing of a Model A Whippet which also illustrates its internal configuration.

This New Vanguard book provides the World War I Historian with an excellent overview of this Tank, while the Model Builder will enjoy the details of the Tanks, and the Wargamer will enjoy reading about the Tanks weaponry and drawings of the Camouflage techniques employed on these Tanks.

This book is available in three different formats and they are;

Book $17.95
ePub eBook $14.36
PDF eBook $14.36