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The Lost Battalion Dispatch #34 for the Week of February 19, 2023

We’re trying something a little different this week. Rather than bringing you all the in-depth coverage of each day’s event in this email, we’ll be presenting a summary, followed by daily posts on our Locals feed with the rest of the story. Access Locals by clicking this link. Locals is a platform for creators that supports authentic communities. Our Locals feed is FREE to read. We’ll also be using Locals to publish articles by the late, great game designer S. Craig Taylor and other long-form content that just doesn’t fit in a weekly email. Let us know how you feel about this by emailing Cher Ami. If there is enough interest, we may add a Locals subscriber option so that for a really minimal fee you can comment and interact with our Locals community and get access to exclusive content.

The Burr-Hamilton Duel

On February 19, 1801, President Thomas Jefferson’s former Vice-President Aaron Burr was arrested for treason at the town of Wakefield in the Mississippi Territory (now in the state of Alabama). He was confined at Fort Stoddert to await trial.

Read the rest of the Strange Case of Aaron Burr on the Lost Battalion Locals feed right now.

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First Postage Stamp Authorized by Congress in 1847

President George Washington created the United States’ Post Office Department on February 20, 1792, by signing the Postal Service Act. The first US postage stamp, however, was not issued until 1847.

Read more about this on the Lost Battalion Locals feed on Monday. Subscribe to our feed to be notified when new content is posted.

On February 21, 1972, Richard Nixon arrived in China in an attempt to normalize relations with the Communist regime.

Check us out on Local on Tuesday for more about this infamously historic visit.

Pressident Nixon Shakes Hands with Chairman Mao

Grover Cleveland

On February 22, 1889, President Grover Cleveland signed the bill that admitted North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Washington into the Union.

Read more about this Wednesday on Locals.

Calvin Coolidge, the first President to Address the Nation by Weekly Radio Broadcast

On February 23, 1927, President Calvin Coolidge signed the bill that established the Federal Radio Board. The Agency that would become the Federal Communications Commission was, at first, only responsible for the assignment and regulation of radio frequencies.

For more on this check our Locals feed on Thursday.

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson became the first President to face Impeachment proceedings on February 24, 1868.

Read more about the trial in the Senate and the circumstances leading up to it Friday at Locals.com

President Lincoln signed the bill allowing the Federal government to produce “Greenbacks”, the first fiat currency ever issued by the United States on February 25, 1962.

Read more about the dire circumstances that led to this on Friday at Locals.com

The First Greenback

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